Vix vs Google Search

The objective is simple: dominate Google.
Elevate Your Digital Plan with VIX
"Roughly 4 months after we started with Vix we started seeing tremendous results. Now our traffic is up 73%."

You are looking to increase the number of new leads coming to your website. 

Anyone will agree that ranking highly on Google is the best way to do that.

Link building is one of the most important ongoing tasks you'll work on as part of any SEO campaign. It's the process of getting other websites to link to your site – yes, it's tough. It takes time and lots of effort, but remember – inbound links are the most weighted relevancy signal in Google's algorithm.

SEO focuses on two parts, on, and off-site optimization:

On-site optimization refers to edits made directly to the your website, such as adding/editing meta descriptions, alt tags, etc.

Off-site optimization primarily refers to acquiring high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to your website. For example, when the L.A. Times includes a link to your website in their digital article. It's essential to focus on high-quality backlinks, as Google will punish a website for having a large number of low-quality backlinks (such as backlinks purchased off of Fiverr).

We are professionals at Search Engine Optimization and have garnered years of results ranking our clients successfully for their desired keywords and phrases.

The metric displayed is the Organic Keyword Trends, which is the number of organic keywords each domain is ranking for over time. The color changes show the positions for those keywords.