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Paid ads include pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI) and display ads. Owned and earned ads are free, but paid ads come at a cost.

Marketers pay the owner of ad space for the right to use that space. The cost of ad space is usually settled during negotiations between the marketer and the ad space owner.

High-impact custom paid advertising can take your organization to the next level by optimizing and scaling your business. Paid advertising services include native and display, paid search, and retargeting.

Our premium services are customized to meet the needs of individual clients and carefully crafted to benefit each client personally.

Although these services cost money, paid ads can increase your company's market share by putting your brand in front of a larger audience.

What it is

You can encourage customer engagement with free subscriptions and newsletters, personalized ads, and other exclusive offers, but never underestimate the power of listening to your customers.

With state-of-the-art software and advanced research platforms, our sophisticated searches can accurately assess current market conditions and much more.

After gaining a thorough understanding of your customers, we can direct our research efforts to the things those customers care about most.

Our research methods are based on the behavioral sciences and information derived from qualitative and quantitative data gathering operations.

From telephone surveys to augmented reality, we use a variety of methods to create a comprehensive database. Augmented reality is the future of technology, and when you use it to gauge the interests of your audience, you'll be a few steps ahead of everyone else.

To maximize growth, a business must regularly gain new customers while keeping existing customers happy. Using data science and analysis, we can determine exactly who to target based on behavioral science methodology.

Machine learning is an indispensable part of the equation. Equipped with cutting-edge innovations, we can identify, track and optimize the behavioral traits of any targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

Paid ads are dependable and can be highly targeted. Because you pay for and control the ads, they can generate immediate results.

Coupled with paid amplification, you can choose when, where, and how frequently your content is seen by a targeted audience.

Our vast network of social media marketing accounts covers almost every imaginable online niche. Our media marketing services and ad campaigns leave no stone unturned.

We use paid social ads to expand our communities. With exclusive access to accounts boasting millions of active followers, social media is our primary vertical for steering users to a marketing campaign. At the same time, we instill brand awareness using Facebook and Google advertising, paid shout-outs, and social boosting.

Smarter Landing Pages

Landing pages are customized web pages that promote a specific marketing campaign or have something of interest to offer. By targeting multiple elements of the visitor experience, a good landing page will drive visitors to a predetermined webpage using a single call to action.

Landing pages have a one-track mind. Their primary purpose is to generate as many conversions as possible as quickly as possible.

Engaging landing pages can beef up your conversion rate and bolster your ROI by up to 30 percent. With some help from conversion intelligence, you can quickly identify opportunities you would otherwise miss.

Effortlessly optimized landing pages with sparkling custom content can be created after just a few clicks, and they generate impressive results with very little effort. Well-crafted landing pages are the fast track to customer conversion, and smarter marketing means less work.

We can help you define your Most Wanted Action (MWA), generate effective Calls To Action (CTAs), and use sales messaging and A/B testing to your best advantage.

Every marketing activity needs an MWA. You can't plan effectively without one. But first, you must identify what it is.

A clear call to action (CTA) is as important as a clear MWA. An effective CTA tells the customer exactly what to do next and gently guides them to the MWA. The experience should be as smooth, effortless, and seamless as possible.

Using more than one MWA in a single marketing activity dilutes the impact of the message and confuses the customer with too many options. Every marketing activity should have only one MWA and only one CTA.

We minimize distractions on the landing page, and the page design is linked to a specific ad campaign or ad. The operation is further fueled by precise audience targeting.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your marketing efforts can be futile without high conversion rate optimization. Scaling your landing page or website conversion rates can galvanize your ROI across all marketing efforts.

If your website and landing pages aren't generating the results you want, we can achieve high conversion rate optimization levels for you. In fact, conversion optimization on eCommerce websites is so impressive that we dedicated an entire department to it.

CR optimization, funnel audits and CRM analysis are just a few of the tools we use to achieve consistently exceptional results.

Advanced Analytics

We can find out whether your users are Instagram influencers, curious visitors who have been targeted by one of our ad campaigns, or traffic from links in articles.

With the help of advanced analytics like leveraging URL parameters, we can track every visitor to your site and determine where they came from and how they arrived in your world.

Based on that information, we can optimize ad placements in areas with the most traffic while decreasing ad placements in areas where traffic is spotty or nonexistent.

We can access information that far exceeds what you would find on a typical analytics dashboard. With the help of a goals and targets setup, user analytics, and an advanced UTM structure, we can provide a treasure trove of supplementary details about what your visitors did on the way to conversion and whether or not they converted.

Content Marketing

The goal of online content creation is to establish a brand as an authority or a trusted source of information. Memes, videos, blogs, and social media posts are all designed to spark interest in the products offered by a brand rather than explicitly promoting the brand itself.

Content is used to frame a brand as a resource for users, and outstanding content increases a brand's credibility. Content creation, content distribution, and content promotion are all designed to kick-start conversion rates.

Effective content grabs a visitor's attention, stimulates user interest, and encourages potential customers to click on the embedded link to learn more about the company responsible for sharing all that epic information.


The most important part of scaling a business is knowing what your customers want and giving it to them. Just a few carefully crafted questionnaires and personalized surveys can reveal many important details that can greatly impact your bottom line.

Staying abreast of the latest trends and what the competition is up to gives you an edge in the marketplace. There's plenty of information out there about what your audience wants. Our job is to find that information and use it to fulfill the needs of our customers.


Ninety-seven percent of the people who browse your website for the first time will leave before making a purchase. Maybe they get distracted. Maybe they can't decide what to do. You might think they are lost forever, but thanks to retargeting campaigns, you can bring them back.

Retargeting builds brand visibility and provides access to an audience with a preexisting interest in your products. It allows marketers to reconnect with visitors, helps to increase sales and builds a loyal customer base.

These campaigns can be more cost-effective than other types of paid advertising. However, you'll need the help of an experienced marketer to realize the full potential of this approach.

Retargeting is not the same as remarketing, but the goals are the same. The only difference is in how the goals are reached.

Retargeting campaigns are geared toward individuals who have visited your website or social media profiles without making a purchase. Remarketing campaigns target individuals who have already made a purchase but might be considering making another.

You can retarget anyone who visits your website. If they make a purchase and you get their email at checkout, a warm welcome note can keep them feeling a strong connection with your brand.

With the help of advanced software tracking capabilities, the interests, values, and behavior of your customers will determine the best response to their most immediate needs. Meanwhile, machine learning creates ad campaigns that are designed to meet customers where they are.

What we do

Our job is to ensure that your message is delivered regardless of the platform on which it arrives. Advanced platforms include search, video, display, and social media.

We can generate profoundly unique ads that your audience has never seen before. If you can elicit interest, potential conversions can skyrocket. The ads can be displayed across multiple devices, and the length and type of ad can be customized to a user's needs.

What you get

  • Knowledge gap analysis
  • Research design and execution
  • Audience behavioral insights
  • In-depth audience targeting
  • Digital media and traditional placement
  • Media planning
  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Content promotion
  • Goals and targets setup
  • User analytics
  • Advanced UTM structure
  • CRM analysis
  • Funnel audit
  • CR optimization
  • Paid search
  • Native and display
  • Retargeting
  • Define MWA and CTA
  • Sales messaging
  • A/B testing
  • Google and Facebook advertising
  • Social boosting
  • Paid shout outs

Getting Started

Interested in running a paid advertising campaign, but don't know where to start? Maybe you already are but can't seem to scale and keep a profit? Either way, just reach out and let us know. We are here to help you succeed!

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