Vix Fills Beds for New Los Angeles Based Luxury Rehab; Hollywood Hills Recovery


The founders of Hollywood Hills Recovery came to Vix with a vision; To launch a luxury rehab facility in the Hollywood hills and help people worldwide achieve and maintain sobriety through a combination of traditional and holistic practices with an emphasis on community.


Vix implemented an Omnichannel marketing approach for the initial launch to see what worked best at driving leads.






Social Media


Paid Ads


Growth hacking




When working with new clients, Vix prioritizes educating our clients, especially when working with clients who are new to marketing or have been burned by contractors or agencies in the past. One of the ways that Vix does this is through a rigorous onboarding process to get our clients familiar with us and show them the resources to actively learn and contribute to the processes in unison with us. This mostly involves getting the clients acquainted with their client databases via Notion.

Example of the HHR notion database

Clients of Vix media group can easily find everything relating to their project in their client database, which is maintained and updated by Vix daily.


After HHR signed, Blond Goose stepped in and worked through various questionnaires and messaging matrices to understand the founder's stories and develop a full brand and messaging suite that would be timeless, attractive, and true to their original vision.

Building the Website

Vix company White Rabbit designed and developed the website on Webflow because of the design freedom and Content Management System.


Phone Calls Leads Generated

1,305 Calls from  Mar 15th, 2021 - Jul 28, 2022

SEO Growth: Search Console Traffic

View: Last 16 months
View: Compare last 6 months to previous period
View: Compare last 3 months year over year

SEO Growth: Ahrefs

SEO Growth: GMB

Paid Media

Ads were initially set up and launched by Vix company PM Ads; however, due to the success of SEO keeping HHR at capacity, paid ads were paused indefinitely.

Social Media

Blond Goose quickly scheduled an initial photo shoot and went to work creating content and bringing all the social media accounts to life. G Studios was also contracted for initial branding soot.

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