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Vix Acquires Crypto Media Group

Vix Media Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of Crypto Media Group, Appoints Logan Schauer as Advisor

Austin, Texas, 9/16/23 – Vix Media Group, a leading force in the marketing industry, has officially announced its acquisition of Crypto Media Group (CMG), a trailblazer in fintech and cryptocurrency marketing. This strategic merger marks a significant development in the marketing landscape, particularly within the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors.

The acquisition is a homecoming of sorts, as the founders of Vix Media Group initially honed their marketing expertise at CMG, working closely with Logan Schauer on various groundbreaking campaigns since the founding of CMG in early 2017. Their pivotal roles at CMG were instrumental in the success of several high-profile projects, including the renowned Hubii ICO campaign featuring Floyd Mayweather. The founders' tenure at CMG saw them significantly contributing to the company's achievement of raising over $350+ million in tokenized assets for its clients.

"Our journey at CMG was invaluable in shaping our vision for Vix Media Group," said David Casey, Founding Partner of Vix Media Group. "Reuniting with CMG under this acquisition feels like a natural progression, bringing together our shared experiences and strengths to forge a new path in the marketing realm."

CMG's impressive client roster, featuring names like IRIS, Hybrid Block, and Elastos, is a testament to the innovative strategies and significant impact the team, including the now-founders of Vix, had during their time at CMG.

Following the acquisition, Logan Schauer, Founder of CMG, will join Vix Media Group in an advisory role. His extensive experience and deep knowledge of the fintech and cryptocurrency markets will continue to be an invaluable asset in guiding the strategic direction of the combined entity.

"Joining forces with Vix is a step towards a shared future of innovation and excellence," said Logan Schauer. "I am excited to continue contributing as an Advisor, blending our expertise to elevate marketing strategies in the fintech and crypto spaces."

This acquisition represents Vix Media Group's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in marketing services. Combining Vix's broad marketing prowess with CMG's niche expertise will enable the delivery of unparalleled marketing solutions across diverse industries.

About Vix Media Group

Vix Media Group is an all-encompassing marketing agency, offering a wide array of services such as digital marketing, SEO, and content creation. Renowned for its creative strategies and outcome-focused approach, Vix serves a wide range of clients in various industries.

About Crypto Media Group

Crypto Media Group specializes in marketing for fintech and cryptocurrency companies. Notable for raising over $350 million in tokenized assets for its clients, CMG's track record in high-impact campaigns, including collaborations with celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, has established it as a leader in digital finance marketing.

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