About Vix Media Group

Who we are

We’re a strategic media and communications firm focused on the needs of businesses through building professional relationships and collaborations with market leading experts in your field. 
In an ever-changing world, businesses survive based on their ability to adapt to change. We ensure your business is able to adapt and thrive through forming partnerships with experts in your business area. 

What we do

Through our extended family of professionals, we build media teams that ensure the voice of your brand and your customer is heard. We take these insights, add in the right mix of innovation, strategy and creativity, to create media and communication briefs guaranteed for survival and growth. We work directly with clients to help them engage with their customers to navigate an ever-changing evolving world— affordable help with promising results.

Why it matters

Through our collaborations we are able to deliver timely strategies and practical recommendations that brands can use to constantly update their business strategy to current affairs. An inability to do so often causes businesses to close. At Vix, we’re continually evolving and nurturing talent and attentively listening to clients so we can translate their brand to their customers. We are not afraid to breach borders of innovation, recreate them and innovate beyond expectations. 

Our Team

Alexa Khaghan

Content Specialist

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Zoe Marais

Marketing Director

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Alyssa Scalise

Client Relations Manager

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Marc Lassiter


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Our leadership

David Casey

Founding Partner

David Casey’s marketing career, which started in high school, has experienced tremendous growth over the years. From creating advanced monetization techniques for A-List celebrities, raising over 300 million dollars in tokenized assets, to working directly with Twitter on their internal campaigns for The 2016 Emmy Awards.

Casey has rapidly equipped himself with the necessary skills to overcome pain-points in management, operations, distribution, and marketing. With the constant increase in the creation of information which has led to data smog, Casey believes it is imperative and critical to have your brand everywhere it can be in the digital age, while strategically leveraging underlying data that must drive every decision a business makes.

Life not always about work with Casey. When he is not working, you can find him relaxing at his home West Hollywood, California or at the beach with his girlfriend and their beloved dog.

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Anthony Dutcher

Founding Partner

Anthony Dutcher is a Digital Marketing expert from Denver, Colorado who finds purpose in helping startups, freelancers, and corporations build synergy throughout their digital efforts.

Dutcher has successfully coordinated marketing campaigns for over a hundred projects across major industries including healthcare, cannabis, technology, blockchain, and media. In the year 2017 alone he helped market on behalf of public offerings totaling over $100 million in raised capital. His finest work shines in the success of Veriheal Inc. of which he has been Marketing Director for 3 years. Art and human culture are a source of inspiration for Dutcher, as he believes marketing is an art of its own. He finds balance through nature and leverages it to develop ingenuity within his campaigns.

When Dutcher is not working he is either studying to improve himself, enjoying the sight of the Rocky Mountains, or spending time with his loved ones.

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Why we're effective

Our team at Vix comes with its own set of growing specialized companies that can communicate with each other effectively to future-proof your brand. Our specialized teams are looking hard at the changing environment and making informed opinions to predict most favorable outcomes for our client brands. 

We lead amid constant change, ensuring our clients can ride the wave of change. We aim to inform our clients so they are able to make decisions and take actions that are best for them.