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"Entrepreneurs at Vix, are driving transformative growth"

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Strategy is the key

We help you plan your strategy and identify the fundamental approaches to scale


Our focus here is to amplify brand visibility and increase brand awareness. Using a combination of concise messaging and outreach methodologies, we will find customers and begin the process of escorting them down the pipeline.


Wherever your niche comes up; Vix provides full-scale marketing efforts that complement the foundation your brand has established and simultaneously, synonymize your brand and niche to your target audience.


After providing each brand's target market with messaging that best appeals to them, the focus turns to guide them through your pipeline. We work in conjunction with your sales team and company executives to build quality relationships with your high profile leads.


We focus on increasing your ROI and contributing to the pipeline, we segment audiences, leads, and investors to deliver on each brand's unique ‘bottom line’. This includes your companywide objectives in areas like operations, distribution, and sales, as well as any in-house customer service teams.


Retaining a brand's segmented audiences is not where our work ends; your brand should give consumers the foundation to become evangelists. This happens when there is a symbiotic relationship between your brand and the consumer.

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Our capabilities

Kocon - Webflow HTML website templateKocon - Webflow HTML website templateKocon - Webflow HTML website template

Our growth-focused service equips clients with the tools and strategies necessary to enhance their online visibility and widen their customer base, tailored to their individual situation.

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The average increase in growth our clients experience after 1 year of cooperation

Our values

About Vix

Talent & Entrepreneurship

We are stronger together: through collaboration we achieve the amazing. We are creative leaders and pioneers within our industry paving the way for a new generation of marketing and advertising.

Sustainability & Purpose

To us, this means measuring our carbon footprint and working toward limiting it; being a good corporate citizen of the world; and being a values-driven company that takes a stand against inequities.

Innovation & Technology

We hope to translate ideas that reach beyond the imaginable, technology that crosses the bounds of possibilities and entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected. These are our  sources of strength, driving innovation, whilst bringing positive change to people and society.

Relationships & Longevity

We believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our clients. From start to finish, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions that meet those needs.

Case Studies

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We believe that strategy is the key to business success, and we take every opportunity to help you to get it right.

Client stories
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Our Companies

White Rabbit

Create change with data-driven strategy, creative design, and clean code

Gray Soup

Unlock "magical" growth with Gray Soup

Nue Glow

Discover Your Natural Glow

Blond Goose

Making Connections Through Powerful, Honest Stories


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