Relationships + Talent + Purpose

For each project, we establish relationships with a family of professionals who help us create added value to your project - ensuring success all the while. In addition to bringing together the public and private sectors, we make sector-overarching links to gather knowledge and add value.
We undertake projects based on strategically applying values that reinforce each other: sociocultural value, experimental value, market-technical value and economical value.

Corporate responsibilities.

Photo of young business people attending at talk.

Talent & Entrepreneurship

We are stronger together: through collaboration we achieve the amazing. We are creative leaders and pioneers within our industry paving the way for a new generation of marketing and advertising.

A photo of land with wind turbines on it.

Sustainability & Purpose

To us, this means measuring our carbon footprint and working toward limiting it; respecting and encouraging diversity; being a good corporate citizen of the world; and being a values-driven company that takes a stand against inequities.

A photo of a computer screen with code on it.

Innovation & Technology

We hope to translate ideas that reach beyond the imaginable, technology that crosses the bounds of possibilities and entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected. These are our  sources of strength, driving innovation, whilst bringing positive change to people and society.

Vix is reaching out for the truth.

Marketing and branding isn’t a one size fits all. Do you know what works best for you? Facebook Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, the list is endless? What is your SEO and content strategy? How do you know it's working? 

Leveraging our deep-rooted knowledge of media and branding, Vix will help you find your place under the sun. We will enable your brand to easily identify and use the right social media channels to get the engagement you deserve.

We ensure you are portraying your brands key values throughout your marketing campaigns, and on social media channels that are in line with your values

Some amazing companies we've 
had the pleasure to work with.

VMG was our sole marketing firm for our pre and ICO stages. they played a major roll in our successful ICO that raised 95 Million.

David was brought on to increase social media engagement for the 2016 Emmys where he worked directly with Twitter and lead the team during the course of the live production. I was blown away by the increase of 50 Million engagements to the prior year, it was like everything we put out on social media went viral that year!

Vix Media group took care of everything under the sun. We initially needed a website but were driven back after bad marketing experiences on our own. I built a huge business by word of mouth, Vix helped me scale it online.

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