Vix Helps Luxury Retailer Lawrence of La Brea Lift Sales Over $1.5 Million Post Pandemic

Lawrence of La Brea owner, David Nourafshan, approached Vix Media Group expressing great interest in taking his vast inventory online and stepping into digital marketing for the first time in 30 years. David’s collection includes thousands, if not tens of thousands, of extremely high-end luxury rugs. His inventory management system was built on an archaic system from the 60s. It got the job done for David and his company for years… but as his competitors around him grew very quickly with their online efforts, he knew he had to get moving. Build an online foundation for Lawrence of La Brea suitable for both high-profile designers and luxury retail shoppers. Next, use an omnichannel marketing approach to scale Lawrence of La Brea's digital presence to a global audience, and of course, grow revenue.


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+500k Monthly Viewers

900% Monthly ROI

+10k Followers Generated

Being that Lawrence of La Brea had zero online presence, we had to start at the very beginning: creating a website.

Building the PERFECT website

Over several months, Vix company, White Rabbit, worked with David and his team to build a stunning website that lived up to his high standards. It’s worth mentioning that David’s clientele is not your typical consumer. These are a-list celebrities, and world renowned designers who expect absolute excellence in their suppliers, especially here at Lawrence of La Brea.

The website we ultimately delivered had to be an exact replica of David’s vision. For Vix, this meant taking a HUGE collection of David’s finest pieces online, built seamlessly into an ancient inventory management system, and created with scaleability in mind.

Following the launch of the website, we kicked off their digital marketing in 2019 for the first time. However, we didn't waste time while the website was under development, we identified key openings in the industry, and built an audience and laid the groundwork for a 6 month go-to-market strategy setting Lawrence of La Brea up for long term growth.

Reviving social media channels

Right away in 2018 Vix revived the social media channels of Lawrence of La Brea, which hadn’t posted in years. Their accounts were extremely inactive and followers had plummeted. Vix has successfully reengaged the audience and expanded on it tenfold by maintaining regular content and frequent audience engagement tactics.

Increasing web-wide monthly viewers to 500,000+

Through targeted and calculated online efforts Vix scaled the Lawrence of La Brea monthly viewership to over 500,000, with Pinterest alone growing from 1,000 monthly viewers to over 330,000.

Creating an optimized system for call-in leads

We consistently drive 200+ additional call-in leads generated for the Lawrence of La Brea sales team per month. By implementing advanced call tracking systems to provide data and integrating the CRM for monitoring, we are able to further assist the sales team with these leads.

Vix drove 3,579 call in leads from March 2020 to march 2022. 1,746 were first time callers.

Averaging $100,000+ in revenue per month during pandemic

After a year of marketing, Vix's efforts had proven to be monumentally effective. With a conservative budget of $10,000 a month, Vix was able to generate over $100,000 in monthly sales, and maintained a 900% monthly ROI for Lawrence of La Brea in 2020, providing a huge return on investment, nonetheless during a pandemic.

Lifting revenue by $1,500,000+ in 2021

Both teams hit some major hurdles through the pandemic but having a website was Lawrence of La Brea's saving grace. Since David Nourafshan was focused on long term growth, Vix implemented a continuous SEO campaign as soon as the website was launched in 2019, at this point in time, the 2 years of consistent onsite and offsite optimization had starting to pay off drastically and in conjunction with Vix's additional marketing efforts Lawrence of La Brea had its highest year of sales in the history of the company.

Yearly Revenue Totals. Vix started in 2018. (Exact figures redacted for clients discretion)

Generating website visits

Across all efforts, we quickly scaled the Lawrence of La Brea’s website visits from 0 to over 10,000 per month. All of which are qualified customers, specifically targeted and driven to the website by Vix.

From April 2020 to April 2022 traffic to LOLB
Key metrics from traffic above.

Proving authority for a newly digitized business

We contacted past customers from Lawrence of La Brea to receive real feedback on their experiences with the business. We then facilitated these 50+ generated reviews to GMB, Yelp, TrustPilot and local listings. By optimizing and updating GMB with consistent posting and best practices we saw a 117% increase in discovery-search traffic.

Lightspeed SEO results

Vix launched the SEO campaign, powered by Moonbeam SEO, for Lawrence of La Brea as soon as the site was ready and very quickly began ranking among the highest results on the SERP for difficult words in under 3 months.

February 2021 to Jun 2022 via Search Console

To get a better idea of the growth rate below is the last 3 months (from Jun 9th, 2022) compared to the previous years same 3 month period:

Last 3 months(from Jun  2022) compared to previous year(2021).

Remember, Vix has taken LOL from ZERO organic google traffic to the top of difficult keyword rankings in only 3 years on our starter SEO package.

Google results for keyword "Antique Rugs Los Angeles"

Establishing systems for on-going success

Vix implemented and created numerous systems to ensure on-going success for Lawrence of La Brea, including:

Communications upgrade

  • We streamlined the entire companies communications through replacement of all previous communication software and onboarded and trained their entire team.

Custom software

  • Developed custom software to process, resize and convert the file types of tens of thousands of raw product image files using raw Python.

Management system makeover

  • Vix company Dossier Labs was commissioned to develop multiple scripts to organize, clean and make sense of their outdated IMS data, using Python and SQL.

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