Vix Scales SERP with Average CPA of $2k for Premier Los Angeles-Based Law Firm

In 2021 a leading LA Law Firm was seeking help growing their organic traffic. A previous client referred Vix to do the job. Gaining organic traffic and ranking for difficult keywords in one SEO’s most competitive niches presented itself as an increasingly challenging task for the client. Like many other companies trying to scale, they faced the question whether to go the agency or in-house marketing route. Vix agreed to an initial 6-month trial to show proof of concept and focused on executing the core fundamentals of SEO at the maximum level.


Average social media impressions per month


Average organic search impressions per month


The average increase in growth our clients experience after 1 year of cooperation

Client Story

About the project

Maintained CPA Under $2k

Page 1 Ranking in Under 2 Months

168% Increase in Organic Search Clicks

Phase 1 - Proof of concept

For the first six months, Vix was on a trial run. This LA Law Firm needed to see a clear ROI before committing to a long-term partnership. Vix company Moonbeam SEO lead the charge here, focused primarily on on-site efforts, link building, and re-optimizing the website's functionality for the trial.

Here is what the results looked like after the trial, which ended on September 7th, 2021;

Organic Growth - Last 3 Month Comparison

Accumulating Massive Impressions - Clicks to Follow

SERP Performance Over Time

Incredibly, within the first six months, Vix could move the site up to the first page of organic results for most of their desired keywords.

Based on the results of the six-month trial the client agreed to extend another four months.

Phase 2 - Optimize our foundation

Because of the extension, we are able to scale everything that goes into acquiring links as well as adding some development work for free out of necessity for the client's ongoing site needs. These development tasks were handed off to White Rabbit, another Vix company.

Site Speed and Usability

A website is favored by Google when it scores high on PageSpeed Insights. On top of this, it must have a positive user experience, lower bounce rates, and longer session durations... Google has continued to weigh these factors for SEO increasingly. Now, links will forever be the most prevalent determining factor, but in a highly competitive niche such as law and for keywords that have incredibly high commercial value, we need every ‘point’ we can get.

Website optimizations are a forever ongoing process; with shifts in hosting and additions of new content over time, a website’s scores can change, as can what a user experiences. Thus, with a few hours of development work on the site each week, Vix managed to get the Client's site to a place where its scores and usability crush the competition. Google will, in time, reward us for this greatly.

Primary Focus - Practice Area pages (mobile speed the primary factor):

Because of some common optimization tools (such as Nitropack), the site would render a little strange and bump up and down before ultimately loading OR would glitch a little on interaction. Vix mitigated that from the user’s experience while maintaining high scores across the board. This is a common problem Vix sees with most theme or platform-built sites which rely on plugins for optimization.

Note: Google pages speed insight scores can fluctuate throughout the day, but Google looks at the average

Mobile Scores Compared to the Competition:

Revisiting Growth Metrics Post Phase 2

6-Month Growth (Last 6 Months vs. Previous 6 Months)

Impressions Growth = 45%

Clicks Growth = 143%

6 Month Growth Practice Area Pages (Last 6 Months vs. Previous 6 Months Practice Areas Only)

Impressions Growth = 44%

Clicks Growth = 163%

End of 2021 Growth (Comparing 9/1/21-12/31/21 vs. 9/1/20-12/31/20)

Impressions Growth = 61%

Clicks Growth = 168%

Last 6 Months Target Keywords (Increase in Impressions Finally Resulting in Increase in Traffic)

Birdseye view of the Client's organic growth

Cost Per Acquisition

Vix was able to maintain an average CPA of $2,102 which is a true milestone in an industry as competitive as Personal Injury is in Los Angeles. Comparing this to Cost Per Click's industry average CPA of $6,000 we can now see the profound benefits of the investment into SEO.

Not only is Vix driving a lower CPA than with Paid Ads but the Client is now starting to benefit from the compounding interest of link building, which is, traffic that won't stop coming if you shut off ads.

Phase 3 - Scale

Vix is pleased that this Client has now committed to a long-term partnership and increased their monthly marketing expenditure. Vix will continue to dominate the statewide search results for the Client and eventually go national.

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