We provide data research, evaluation, and integration to help you get the data you need to understand your customers and where your company is today.

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What It Is

Our three points of data service provide a comprehensive solution to helping your business. We understand that your business needs to understand exactly who your audience is and how they respond to outreach. Our research hones in on understanding your audience and then we set up tools to deeply evaluate the data once it has been integrated with more data that will enhance its reliability and usefulness to your company’s future decisions.

  • Research Vix utilizes multiple avenues to help you get to know your audience. Rich, comprehensive data is developed to help you reach your customers through personalized marketing, deals, and subscription offers.
  • Evaluation Using a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, our technology provides clients with the opportunity to see their data develop in real-time. You can maximize current campaigns and customize future marketing to be even more compelling the future with our data evaluation service.
  • Integration The most comprehensive picture of a customer’s characteristics is by consulting a mixture of first-party and third-party data. When key performance indicators (KPIs) are identified, audience engagement can be monitored and improved with the data knowledge. Getting to know customers and forming strong bonds with them is possible with our new automated, time-saving method.

What You Get

Vix’s data service provides our clients with a wide range of services that work together to illuminate and clarify data that is relevant and necessary in creating the most effective customer outreach. Our services provide the tools to interpret current and anticipate future data to drive effective decision-making.

How We Do It

Vix tailors its approach to your data needs and we create the most effective strategy to help where you need it most. We begin by using our advanced technology to accurately gauge your customer’s habits, needs, and potential using a combination of low and high-tech approaches. Then Vix utilizes multiple means to quickly evaluate current and retrospective data so clients can optimize their outreach. This original data is then integrated with reliable, relevant big data to create a full insight into the customer base to increase client knowledge going forward.

Our data service provides the qualitative and quantitative data you need by first tailoring our initial


projects to your customer’s values. From simple strategies like phone calls and surveys to more intricate methods like augmented reality (AR), Vix’s research keeps your company ahead of your competitors with our accurate and effective ways to get to know your customers.

The combination of retrospective and real-time data tools we use assists our clients in


their rates of the A/B campaigns running. Seeking high conversion rates is the goal, so our tools help clients assess their past successes and compare that to current scaling tracks. Vix’s evaluation procedures help clients efficiently observe where their brand can improve so they can quickly move to optimize their targeted outreach.



of multiple strands of data is the next step in providing our clients with data services. We look for sources of reliable big data with content that is comparable to our client’s original data. Then, we integrate the big data with our client’s original data to create rich, trustworthy insights. Our goal is to help our clients to increase productivity and decrease errors within their data pool with these integrated data insights. This heightened business intelligence will continue into the future, inevitably allowing our clients to develop stronger bonds with customers and increase the trust between our client and their customer base.


  • Knowledge gap analysis to uncover missing information about the customer and the market
  • Research design and execution of the most effective simple or intricate tools will be used to reach the customer and understand the audience
  • Audience behavioral insights that are critical to future success will be revealed through this comprehensive research stage
  • Real-time campaign monitoring allows for observations about incoming data to be made when they are most critical
  • Campaign performance review is ongoing to ensure that the most current information will drive decisions
  • A forward strategy will be put into place to ensure that the correct reactions will be made to reflect the changes in data
  • Data management of first party and third party data with our automated system
  • Data mining that is continual to ensure the most up-to-date data is utilized
  • Actionable analytics are provided to make the next steps clear
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) analysis is provided so your business can prioritize what matters most

Getting Started

Let Vix centralize and enrich your data, helping you understand more about your business.

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