Vix provides website design services to transform a company's online presence. Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also drive revenue and accurately reflect your brand and vision.

Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template





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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template

What It Is

We know web design but what we don’t know is your company. So we start off our web design services by understanding what is important to your company, how you need your website to function, and what your expectations are for your site. We audit your current site and see where improvements, changes, and upgrades are critical. Our expert web designers work their magic to plan, structure, model, develop, test and run a new website that meets your needs.

But our design expertise doesn’t stop there. We know that for your site to drive revenue, it must work flawlessly. So our web design services include making sure your site works exactly the way it should once it is up and running through our optimization stage of development.

What You Get

Your stunning new website from Vix will not just look great, it will be the digital workhorse for your company. Your company’s digital presence will be established and the potential to reach new customers will be increased exponentially. Optimized to stand out in search engine queries, your brand will have more visibility with potential customers. And when visitors reach your new website, they will be mesmerized by your site’s speed, look and feel as well as the ease of navigating the website on any kind of device.

Campaign ideation is now possible with your new site. Whether it is to expand brand awareness, create a sales funnel, or increase revenue, running campaigns to build your business on the well-designed, optimized new website will be easier and more successful than ever.

Vix knows that creating a more powerful website is the best tool for your company to grow your business so we make sure that what you get is worth the investment in our expertise.

What We Do

Vix’s web design team takes your vision and makes it a reality by first assessing your current site with a comprehensive audit. Once we know what your site needs to accomplish, how it should function best for your company, and how it can best represent your brand, we begin building your site.

Site Drafting

It all starts with wireframing where we build the initial draft of your new website and the way it functions. Our professional site builders will perfect the flow of your website while we present mock-ups of how your site will present to visitors as we collaborate with you to make sure it represents your company’s vision and needs.

Website Appearance

The design of your site is just the beginning. Everything on your site communicates with visitors whether it is with a word, graphic, or photo. Our website design services make sure all communication contributes to the overall feel and functionality of your site that you want.

  • Copy – From the initial greeting of your visitors to the explanation of services or products offered on the company’s About Us pages, Vix will make sure that the content on your website is complete and reflects your brand and vision.
  • Graphics – The color palette, placement of graphics, and design of your website create a site that is inviting to visitors. Our website design experts will ensure that all non-word elements are cohesive with the aesthetics of the whole site.
  • Photos – If you want to include beautiful, high-resolution photos in the design of your website, Vix will make sure the placement and sizing are perfect for the overall look and feel of your website.

Getting it Right

A sleek, beautiful site has to work well, so our next stage of development includes testing functionality.

  • Testing – Part of the design process is making sure that the website works the way it should. Our website design team will create, test, and confirm the functionality of the flow of activity within your new site.Vix’s design team will make sure that a visitor’s first glimpse of your company’s new website is immaculate and that visitors can move seamlessly throughout the site without a glitch. Because we know that your brand only has one chance to make a first impression on visitors to your website.
  • Optimization –Once our technical work is complete, our website designers will work with you to make sure that your brand and site are visible within your industry. We focus on optimizing your site and its contents to drive visitors to your site to ultimately increase revenue potential.Optimization can include a variety of ways to make your site highly desirable in search engine queries including finessing content, creating landing pages, working with meta descriptions and tags as well as making sure the site flows beautifully on mobile applications.Vix’s expert website design will make certain that your new site’s availability and functionality are enhanced everywhere it needs to be to present your brand flawlessly.

Start the Process

Does your website need a facelift? Let our team of experts redesign and polish your your website or landing page to deliver the most user friendly browsing experience possible for your users. Let us improve your appearance online and position your brand over competitors.

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