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Our team crafts press releases tailored to the target audience, optimized for search engine rankings. We create releases that draw in customers & rank highly on Google.

Public Relations
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template




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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template

What It Is

We help you design press releases that are streamlined and targeted toward the people you want to reach. By integrating search engine optimization techniques into the press release, we ensure that your product or service ranks as high on the Google search results as possible.

After all, when you first get wind of something special and new, you go right to Google and search for it. Further, you will likely avoid all the paid rankings and go with the first few natural results. Anyone can simply fork over some cash to get good rankings, but it takes guile, skill, and a spirit to serve to design a world-class press release that'll draw in new customers for you.

What You'll Get

The short answer is: You will get more customers. The long answer is more complicated, however. Brand recognition and rising opinion are two of the best benefits of having a fantastic press release.

Having a high-ranking presence in Google will boost your credibility. Being recognized helps build trust, and customers like companies they can trust. Customers also like brands they know, and when you appear high up in the Google rankings, you will become known.

Others are investing in high-quality press releases, so to remain competitive, you have to do the same. We'll help you keep one step ahead of the competition. You get our combination of experience, know-how, and technological superiority.

While it's true that our press services are designed to draw people to your press release, it's also true that we would want them to migrate their attention over to your actual website for procuring your product or service. Through the use of both well-established and innovative techniques, we'll aim to improve not only your Google ranking but also the experience your customers have both while interacting with your press release and perusing your website.

You'll also get first-rate analysis from us. Once we have everything in place, we'll track your customers' experiences with your press release and also with the other webpages we set in place. We'll also keep track of how others are building backlinks to you.

In this way, we can assess which pages are performing well and which are not. Then, we can recommend changes to those pages that will improve your customers' experience and also your Google ranking.

What We Do

The first thing we do is ask you what the topic of your press release is. Based upon that topic, we'll design the release for you to reach your target demographic. We'll study trends in both preferences and actions regarding the subjects of your target demographic so that it is they whom we will attract to your business through your press release.

Some of the methods we use to drive traffic to your site include:

  • Press Releases
  • Distribution of new original text and information
  • Backlinking
  • Making your information newsworthy
  • Highlighting particular phrases that are crucial to your message
  • Collecting domains to build you a hierarchical web presence

When we talk about distributing original content, we mean creating webpages that are germane to your press release. If, for example your business is widgets, we would create several pages of original content based on what's great about both your widgets and widgets in general.

The original content also involves the building of additional domains, subdomains, subfolders, and the rest of a hierarchy of webpages that are tied to your root domain. Let's say that your root domain is Subpages might be,, or similar. By creating exceptional content for all of these webpages, we'll help you build your web presence so that you appear high up in the Google rankings.

Backlinking is when you have links on your webpage that point to other webpages. They can be to authoritative sites that provide both context and sourcing to any facts or claims that you make on your webpage. These don't increase your Google presence, however.

To increase your Google presence, we would use those "widget pages" to create backlinks by both backlinking them to your press release and then backlinking  your press release to them. The next step is convincing others to backlink to you, which will boost your ranking even more.

Helping you acquire backlinks from others is sort of like lead generation. You present a well-designed press release that is chock full of relevant information about your company. Further, that press release should also include industry-relevant information. That is what will attract others to backlink to you.

As far as making your content newsworthy, that just means that we'll present your information in a way that highlights something special. For example, it could be a special promotion, one of your singular achievements, or that of one of your employees, or ways that you've expanded or improved your products or services.

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