Search Engine Optimization

Companies aim for potential customers to easily find them online. When someone hears of a new brand, a Google search should lead them to its organic listing. Similar companies and paid listings for other related brands may also appear in the search.

Search Engine Optimization
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template
Kocon - Webflow HTML website template


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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template



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Kocon - Webflow HTML website template

What Is It?

Companies that show up near the top of Google searches don’t end up there by magic, although it might seem so. They have employed multiple kinds of SEO marketing efforts that will create a connection to their website in Google searches. Some of the most commonly utilized search engine optimization strategies include:

  • Keywords Specific keywords and phrases are chosen that will show up organically in Google searches. These keywords reflect the main concepts, services or goods connected to a business or industry and are the words and phrases most often searched by customers online. SEO services help businesses intentionally use those keywords throughout different areas of their website in a variety of ways to help their brand rank higher in organic searching.
  • Meta Descriptions SEO strategies include domain page descriptions that connect to keywords and phrases within a site, allowing searches to capture or land on a specific page within a website. Marketing strategies that include meta descriptions can increase website traffic as well as increase brand awareness simply by ranking higher on search results with more website pages.
  • Tags Essentially a title for a specific webpage, SEO strategies can help websites to craft tags for each page to help increase brand awareness, remind visitors of the gist of what is on that page as well as increase website traffic by providing another phrase for Google searches to snag as they comb through the internet for phrases or words relating to the industry or brand and then return as a result.
  • Industry Content SEO optimization services many times encourage sites to add industry-specific content in the form of a blog to help drive traffic to the website. Content can range from quick or fun articles about a specific topic to longer, more in-depth posts that teach, inform or muse about the industry or brand itself.

What You Get

Businesses that partner with Vix can expect to see a transformation of their online presence that may be unlike any you have experienced before. Working with us, clients seeking SEO services will receive targeted and customized marketing efforts aimed at increasing brand awareness, website traffic, and business growth. We get to work by getting to know you, your business, what has worked, and what hasn’t. We ask the tough questions because that’s where we begin building an SEO strategy that capitalizes on what you are doing well, fills in the gaps where your business misses the mark or just hasn’t grown enough (yet) to accomplish bigger things and develop a short and long-term plan to help your brand thrive.

What We Do

We work with the best in the SEO space to build custom strategies for our clients. Our proprietary techniques are used by all of our clients to increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, and ramp up organic SEO results. While we work with some admittedly high-profile clients, we also help businesses of every size. Whether your company is new and looking to build your brand from the ground up, or your business is well-established in the market but could benefit from our expertise to take your company to the next level.

Making Digital Magic

When Vix provides SEO services, we establish a family of professionals to help bring the most value and comprehensive skill set to the project because we know that collaboration creates opportunities for success. We use innovative and comprehensive approaches to SEO optimization that will help drive traffic to your site while building up your brand’s footprint within your industry. We work our magic with keyword ranking strategies to make sure the right eyes see your brand and website to promote measurable business growth.


Keyword Ranking

It’s no secret that keywords are where SEO strategy begins. Many businesses don’t have a clue which keywords or phrases (called long-tail keywords) are the most searched terms within their industry let alone how to find them. We delve into your industry to learn what customers are seeking, how your business is capturing those searches, and where your brand is missing out. Our keyword ranking strategy is the starting point for rocketing your organic searches to the top of Google. But we don’t stop there since keyword ranking is just a part of our multi-pronged approach that works for businesses in all industries.

Building Backlinks

Connections are always beneficial. So one of the ways to increase traffic to your website is by building backlinks. These inbound or one-way links are beneficial in more than one way. Anytime a link leads to your brand’s site, the potential for increased traffic and business growth exists.

Building backlinks also can act as a “vote” towards your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes as long as they are quality links and not from junk or spammy sites. We know how to find and secure the best backlinks for your business that will help raise your Google ranking while also helping to build awareness with authentic potential customers. Because we know that search engine optimization should include strategies that are quantifiable improvements that also reflect the quality and vision of your brand.

Acquiring Domains

Another way we work towards crafting a strong, sustainable search engine optimization plan for your business is by acquiring domains for your business. While your website may be the only active domain you have, we will help your business strategically acquire domains that can benefit your brand by either capturing the traffic that hits them or investigating which domains are ranking high within your industry. Our deep knowledge of using domains as part of our search engine optimization plan perfectly complements our other strategies that assist your business in ranking as high as possible in organic searches. Because Vix understands that thinking in a different way produces results as long as our expertise and experience lead the way to business growth.

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