Increasing Website Conversions

Created on:
December 20, 2021

Website conversions is a term that can be used to describe two different things: increasing the number of people who visit your website and increasing the percentage of those visitors who take an action you want them to take. This blog post will discuss the key tips to improving your overall website conversion.

Optimize Your Call to Actions (CTAs)

Everything you do on your website should be geared towards increasing conversion rates. That's why it is so important to make sure that the CTAs buttons are exciting and persuasive, as this will directly impact how many people take action from them immediately.

For example, suppose an audience member sees themselves with "30 seconds left" before their favorite show starts. In that case, they might feel pressured enough not to watch adverts or other content just once but continue through until completion because there was no time wasted. In contrast, watching ads that give viewers Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can instill the urgency to take action.

Maintain Transparency Throughout Your Content

Surprises can kill conversion rates. Thus, to increase your site's conversion rates, ensure there are no surprises along the way. Nearly 18% of visitors abandon their carts because they cannot find what they need, and close to 50% give up on an online purchase due to hidden costs like shipping charges or other fees that were not disclosed upfront in advance.

Furthermore,  you should also enable an option for visitors to check out as guests since many people are not comfortable creating several online accounts or even sharing their personal information online. Allowing some form of anonymity can increase conversion.

Ads Optimization

Narrow down to a niche segment and target them with the right messaging. You should optimize your ads, but that's not enough if you're targeting the wrong audience. Wrong goals could lead to worse outcomes when people are clicking on advertisements or paid campaigns for websites concerned about increasing conversion rates without understanding who their customers are.

This leads only to confusion as visitors don't see themselves interested in whatever product is being offered at first glance. The more specific your Ads target an audience at a glance, the higher the rate of conversions of the visitors you are looking for.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

In this era, it is hard to imagine a world without smartphones. They are everywhere, and people use them for everything. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you're missing out on about 40% of the market. People want to access your content no matter where they are or what device they have in their hands. Thus, having mobile-friendly content is likely to increase your website conversion rates.

Create Relevant Content

Once you have identified your target market and have your goals in place, create the most suitable content for your audience that would trigger the CTAs. It would be a waste of time and resources if your ads were set up but had irrelevant content. Be sure the content you put in place is what the target market is interested in, which would increase your website conversion rates.

Optimize Your Message to Target Specific Group

In business, you may have a specific target market. However, within that market group, there are new and returning visitors. Thus, ensure your message is clear, and a visitor can identify upfront whether or not the content is relevant for the new or returning visitor. Consequently, you will only have the right conversion of people interested in what you are trying to showcase rather than wasting visitors' time by confusing them with the upfront message.

Set Up a Functional Customer Support System

Sometimes people may be interested in finding out more about your product before deciding to take action, such as purchasing. However, the upfront content may be insufficient in providing all factual details to promote sound decision-making. Such visitors may like to have a live chat with support personnel. Thus, when you have your support systems in place, it is more likely that the conversion rates of such visitors will be high.

Adjust Your Website Based on Past History

Today, most websites offer analytics information, but it is often difficult to interpret. Use this data and adjust accordingly for increased conversion rates. Analytics allow you a safe space for testing different messages depending on what audience members are looking at when they visit your site.

Thus, paying attention to improving customer experience can be a great way to increase website conversions. For instance, if one thing isn't working, such as having too many ads or knowing which part of an offer doesn't make sense will help with future marketing campaigns and trigger successful conversions.

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