10 AI-Powered Content Creation Tools for Social Media Pros

AI-Powered content creation tools made it easier to create social media content than ever. They are better than the traditional content creation tools and are considered the future of social media marketing.

May 19, 2022 7:34 PM

10 AI-Powered Content Creation Tools for Social Media Pros

Companies like Hubspot and, more recently, Google made headlines when they could improve their content marketing efforts with these new tools. It is easier than ever to add a story to a blog post or create a podcast. But these were limited by your expertise. With the rise of AI-powered content creation tools, anyone can create great content with minimal effort. This article discusses 10 AI-Powered content creation tools for social media pros.

Articoolo: Automatic Article Generator

Articoolo is an AI-powered article generator. It is a very simple tool that automatically creates articles for you. Instead of using a text editor, Articoolo will develop some suggested text and grammar rules. You need to make some quick edits, and it will be ready for publishing. Articoolo has a fee pricing option, but it is not expensive. With a small monthly fee, you get unlimited use of the tool. It was created by the company Eazl, which also provides other AI-powered marketing tools, such as lead generation and webinar creation tools.

Quillbot: Bot Created Content

Quillbot is another AI-powered content creation tool. It uses artificial intelligence to create different types of content, such as blog posts and social media posts. Quillbot takes your keywords and creates unique pieces of content using them. You can input your target audience, the topics you want to cover, and other details about your article before it outputs the final results. Quillbot also works with several social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, and Twitter. It is free for publishing up to 3000 characters. After that, you will need to upgrade or subscribe to premium features.

Spiralytics: Automated Article Creation

Spiralytics is a content marketing tool that lets you automate social media content creation. It combines AI and human editors. Instead of hiring a content writing team or a PR firm, you can create your articles with the help of this tool. It works with several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It is free for creating up to 300 articles per month. After that, you will see a fee price increase.

Hasintheknow: Content Creation Tool for SEO

Hasintheknow is a well-known tool for ranking websites in Google and other search engines. This content creation tool uses AI and human editors to create pages for your website. You can also use this tool to create articles for your blog or site. The biggest advantage of using Hasintheknow is that it creates very high-quality content. It performs well in terms of keyword and link building. Besides, it has several other features, including social sharing buttons, RSS feed subscription, a tracking tool, and easy publishing on multiple blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, etc.

Docstoc: Content Creation Tool for Bloggers

Docstoc is the blog creation tool you can create blog posts and blog pages for your website. It is specifically designed for blogging platforms. With it, you can create a blog in minutes. It provides a clean interface and allows you to easily publish your blogs to several platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr and Tumblr Clone, Blogger, Blogspot, Wix, etc. Docstoc has several options that make it easy to use. You can easily create a blog with a few clicks. It has an auto-save feature that helps you edit your posts as you write them. The tool also lets you easily share your posts across social media platforms.

Biffo: Content Creation Tool for Bloggers

Biffo is another blog creation tool that lets you create new blogs and pages for your website. It is a WordPress plugin, and it works with most blogging platforms, including WordPress, Tumblr and Wix. Biffo offers several new features. You can easily create a blog on your site with one click. The tool also auto-suggests post titles and allows you to manage multiple blogs. It also supports both desktop and mobile platforms and has an easy interface.

Brainstorm: Content Creation Tool for Social Media

Brainstorm is a content creation tool that lets you manage your social media accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms. It connects to all your accounts and provides you with a single dashboard interface to manage them all. It can post updates automatically, schedule posts and more. Brainstorm also lets you create original content for your social media channels. It does that through its unique AI technology called 'Textalytics'. This technology analyzes your social media comments and creates an 'Influencer' score for each person based on their engagement level. It also allows you to follow the influencers and helps you to engage with them.

Wordable: Content Creation for Bloggers and Small Business

Wordable is the content creation tool for bloggers and small business owners. It makes it easy to create an entire library of content that you can use over time. After creating your site, you will be asked to input your keywords. These keywords will be used as a guide for each new post you create on your site. Wordable also provides several templates that you can use to create new articles in just a few minutes. You can also choose to create your posts from scratch or repurpose existing content. It is free for creating up to 200 posts per year. After that, you will need to pay to continue using the tool.

Voloom: Content Creation for Video Marketers and Professionals

Voloom is a content creation tool for video marketers and professionals. It is particularly designed for creating high-quality video content. With it, you can create 3D presentations and motion graphics in your videos. It can also create photo slideshows, charts, and various other visual assets that you can use in your videos. Voloom offers several templates that you can easily customize to use in your videos. The tool includes an advanced video editor that makes it easy to edit existing videos or add new visuals on top of them. With Voloom, you can also create several videos that don't fit into one category, such as a video blog video. Besides, you can easily export your videos in HD format. The tool also features real-time analytics to help you track your audience engagement.

Factual: Content Creation Tool for Marketers and Bloggers

Factual is a content creation tool for marketers and bloggers. This unique tool uses AI to assist you in creating and designing graphics for your blog posts and social media graphics, all within minutes. It offers a range of templates that you can use to create your graphics. The tool also features an editorial calendar to help you plan your content. It has a built-in image editor that makes it easy to edit images and add new ones if necessary. It is a free tool for creating up to 2 graphics per day. After that, the cost starts at $4 per month for individual plans and $20 for enterprise plans.