10 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Engagement

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, with more than 1 billion users around the globe. More than 90% of these people follow at least 3 brands, and over 70% follow 100+ brands regularly. To boost engagement on Instagram, you need to post regularly so that your followers can interact in some way. Here are 10 Instagram post ideas that will help increase your follower's engagement rate.

March 25, 2022 10:30 AM

10 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Engagement

While promoting your business on social media can help you increase sales, you must remember that no amount of effort will bring success overnight. These Instagram post ideas should only serve as a starting point. You need to have a plan before you hit publish button. Try implementing them one step at a time and watch your engagement soar.

Maximize the New Collab Feature

If you have just started an official collabo with another brand, it is imperative for you to start sharing their posts straight away. Start posting about their content or products right after they share something new. This is because doing this not only shows that you care about what they are up to but also helps to get your profile out there. Once the public notices what you are doing together, they will come back to you next time they want to collaborate.

Make 'Shareable Content' Your Priority

There has been a lot of debate regarding whether you should make "share-worthy" or "engaging" content your priority. But in reality, if you want to engage more with your audience (and ultimately grow), you need all types of content to be shareable in some form or the other. One example is when you see someone wearing a shirt that makes you laugh hard enough to cry. This type of content does not require any effort from you because it comes naturally and requires no extra work. In short, make "share-worthiness" your top priority.

Offer Freebies

Offering freebies or discounts to your followers often goes unnoticed. They often think that you are being generous but then feel bad asking for anything in return. However, offering freebies or discounted items will give your followers great reasons to talk about you and promote your page in front of their friends and family members. For instance, if you offer $5 off your coffee order, your followers could easily tell their friends or family members about it and encourage them to order your coffee or buy your book. And don't forget that if they mention you, you will earn valuable links to your website and increase your search engine rankings.

Pair Giveaways With Influencers

Giveaways paired with influencer endorsements give your audience a great deal of value. People love getting things for free and seeing how others got things for free. So why not incentivize your audience to follow the influencer by giving a giveaway? For example, the influencer might retweet your picture/banner and include a link to your giveaway. When people click through and find out that they qualify for a prize, they will appreciate that you allowed them to win something worthwhile.

Promote More User-Generated Content

On average, each user generates about 2 hours of daily video content. Even if you only posted 50 pieces of user-generated content per day, your engagement would still jump significantly. You don't even have to go viral to generate a surge of activity. Remember to focus on quality rather than quantity when putting together your videos. Also, try including images in your videos instead of having just text alone. This gives your page a look-n-feel that's different, and it saves space and increases traffic to your site.

Offer Recurring Value

You can use recurring value to create loyal followers through email marketing. Recurring content means providing your subscribers with free content or samples every week. While this may seem like a lot at first glance, it isn't really when you consider that most users receive thousands of emails each month. By sending out one email every seven days, you will reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers without spending too much money.

Share Interesting Content

It doesn't matter what niche you are in; sharing entertaining, interesting, informative content is always good. If your topic is popular among many people, you'll also find more opportunities. For example, say there was an important patent that had just been granted to a certain product. Your followers would enjoy hearing about it. They'd start talking about it, sharing it on social media, etc. The more people who know about it, the greater the chance is that it gets into the news and even makes it onto TV programs. That way, your name gets known so that more people may come across your unique products or service.

Create a Creative Strategy to Move Forward

No two businesses are alike. What works for one company won't work for another. Take time to put together a strategy that works best for your business. Do some research on how other companies are doing things to see if there are any specific tactics that you want to implement. It may be worthwhile to take advantage of online tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Google Analytics, etc., which allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. These tools make it easy to share multiple updates at once. Remember to keep in mind your goals to maintain consistency.

Make Your Audience Laugh

A little humor goes a long way. From memes to jokes to funny images, you can quickly build up your engagement simply by using these methods. Another popular method is to get creative with your headlines. Humorous headlines often outperform serious ones, whether it's a clever pun or a witty joke. Finally, add a bit of personality into your brand voice. No matter how dry or formal your tone seems, it's always wise to inject a pinch of salt into the recipe because otherwise, all you're doing is making bland cookies.

Get Social

Social networks can do wonders for your engagement rate. Not only does it help spread awareness, but it helps you connect directly with your fans. Most users spend over half their day on Facebook, while Twitter is used by nearly a third of users across different demographics. Even Pinterest has become quite popular recently, although its appeal is still relatively new compared to those mentioned above. Social media can provide great exposure and visibility for you, so don't ignore it.