A Marketers Guide To A Facebook Live Campaign

Facebook is vital as a social media platform because of the various ways to engage with audiences, and Facebook Live is its excellent extension. Use it to your advantage by promoting your product, increasing brand recognition, and expanding your audience.

May 13, 2022 8:30 PM

A Marketers Guide To A Facebook Live Campaign

You've seen the alerts on your smartphone when a pal decides to post a live moment but is your company fully embracing Facebook Live's marketing possibilities to stick out in the crowded digital space? Facebook Live has a lot to offer your company.

What exactly is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a Facebook tool that allows you to broadcast straight to the social networking site. During the livestream, viewers may respond, share, and comment. A recording of the video is also posted to your page or profile so that it may be seen later. Why are advertisers so enthralled with Facebook Live? It's a fun and easy method for you to harness the powers of video to express your brand stories and establish meaningful interactions with followers and fans in real-time.

Why Is Facebook Live Beneficial to Business?

Consumers prefer engaging content and want to interact directly with companies. They want to see that their views are being heard, and they like being able to raise questions and interact in back-and-forth dialogue. After all, this is how we build connections. Businesses can use Facebook Live to generate honest, relevant content that showcases the individuals behind their companies, as opposed to the impersonal, sterile commercials of the past.

Another point why Facebook Live is beneficial to businesses is that the video content can be reused in a variety of ways. You may utilize the audio section to create a podcast. You may use still images from the video to create a blog. You have the option of creating an email campaign. You may also utilize the video as an enhanced paid opportunity to gain more views and expand your audience. As you've seen, you can reuse that material and have it function for you long after going live.

Is Facebook Live Ideal for B2B or B2C

Facebook is a B2C as well as a B2B platform. There are several methods to be successful with Facebook Live. If you have a specific event coming up, you might want to consider event advertising, or you might go behind the curtains to introduce a new product. Newsjacking works nicely for B2C and national events. Assume you are a grocery chain, and Mother's Day is approaching. You may post some Facebook Live clips of yourself demonstrating how you utilize recipes using items from your business.

There are some parallels with events or backstage operations in B2B, but consider mainly along the line of announcements—perhaps huge things are occurring in your organization. Maybe you could perform a live product demonstration. Go ahead and try one live to see if you can achieve real-time interaction. Then, advertise any other marketing activities that you have planned, such as trade exhibits.

Planning The Facebook Live

You should prepare a basic script and know precisely what you intend to say. You don't have to write particular sentences, but you must have a plan and know what's supposed to happen. Many individuals will simply go live, but it's difficult to livestream for even five minutes if you have no clue what you intend to say.

Next, you must determine when you will go live. You can check when your audience is normally on Facebook by going to your Facebook page's analytics and clicking "find posts." There's no point in attempting to get people onto Facebook while they're not present, so choose a time when the majority of your target audience is present. Then you'll have to choose a device. You may go live using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Scheduling a Facebook Live

You may schedule your live so that your followers receive a reminder message. To schedule your event, follow the steps below: Click 'Live' on the home tab. Choose the time. Add the title and description of the live. Add a picture. Review the settings. Click on 'Schedule Live Video'.

Promoting The Facebook Live

You must now advertise your event. Explain to your audience what they will get from this encounter. Post on all of your social media sites a week before the live. The day before, send one email and a reminder. You may also send a promotional email in which you tell your followers what they can expect from the Facebook live.

Tips Before You Go Live

Ensure you test everything before going live. We propose going live alone on your personal profile or a page with a few followers. Check that you are hearing everything clearly, particularly if it's the first time going live. Everything should be tested. Make sure you understand what might happen and how it will affect you. Utilize a tripod or a camera with a steady hand. Nobody wants to feel seasick while watching you. Make sure the lighting is adequate. Perform a test trial in the same space where you'll be going live, so you see precisely how it will appear. Check that you have a stable internet connection.