A Marketer’s Guide to Twitch

Twitch is still new but rapidly growing, dominating the online video streaming space. As such, innovative businesses need to wake up and embrace the fact that a group of young, passionate audiences to promote and engage with their brand.

April 19, 2022 3:13 PM

A Marketer’s Guide to Twitch

Being notable and keeping up with the rapidly growing digital age isn't an easy task for today's marketers. New social media platforms arise and regularly take control over the stage, forcing the well-established ones to dissolve slowly. Twitch is one of these disruptive strangers. With over 15 million active daily users, Twitch is the globe’s greatest online video game streaming platform. Twitch Livestream gives business owners a perfect opportunity to reach a large customer base and start making money.

Offering lots of opportunities, you may wonder what Twitch is, how it works, and how you can use it for advertising your business. Thankfully, this marketer’s guide to Twitch is here to help you.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a virtual video streaming platform owned by Amazon. It enables creators to present their content to a specific audience group virtually. Besides, its Twitch chat allows creators to engage with their viewers in a live stream to provide an engaging customer experience. In short, Twitch perfectly combines social media and TV. The platform registered over 7.57 million monthly active users as of December 2021. Most of the popular content broadcasted by creators are eSport and video game streaming competitions. In addition, Twitch currently leads the online game streaming industry contributing over 72% of the market in terms of total hours of online views. With such mind-blowing stats, Twitch has stood out from the intense competition from Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming.

Apart from eSports and video games, individuals can use Twitch to stream other kinds of content, such as: Art, ASMR, Animals, Anime, Chess, Cooking, Cosplay, Creative, DIY, Hair, Lifestyle, Makeup, Music, etc. Therefore, no matter how tiny your niche is, there's a high chance to find a community on the platform to market your business.

What is Twitch Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the most popular form of marketing on Twitch. It's not so different from other kinds of influencer marketing, except the advertisement is virtual rather than recorded videos or images. Hiring a Twitch influencer is easy. Just reach out to an individual streamer through email to bargain marketing details and sign contracts. After agreeing, the Twitch streamer will begin advertising your brand to your target audience and subscribers based on the contract agreed on.

How does Twitch Work?

As stated before, most streamers and viewers use the Twitch platform for video game content. The platform's streams involve streamers playing live games while chatting and engaging their audiences. Twitch's video gaming section features various niche markets for particular games and kinds of gameplay. It also broadcasts eSports competitions and hosts gaming shows.

Why Users View Streams on Twitch?

Twitch users watch live streams for lots of reasons that can all be summarized into three: Streamers are experts in their topic or game. Streamers boast incredibly engaging traits. Streamers nails that sweet spot using their plethora of skills and amazing personalities.

How to Leverage Twitch Marketing: In 3 Easy Ways

Twitch marketing is still in its early growth stages. However, it doesn’t mean businesses aren’t using the platform to increase brand awareness. Since the most famous content comprises online video games and eSports streaming, you might wonder how to market on Twitch and succeed. Thankfully, we are going to tell you how to do that.

Influencer Marketing

Twitch boasts thousands of active live streamers, with some of them having millions of loyal followers. As a result, Twitch is an excellent place for influencer partnerships or marketing. You can contact exceptionally performing streamers and find out about collaborations. Upon reaching an agreement, a creator will market your brand on a live stream to reach your audience. Twitch influencers provide endless possibilities to display your good or service. It can be through: Sweepstakes, Brand shoutouts, Giveaways, Product unboxings.

For maximum earnings, you should collaborate and support content creators. In fact, 72%of Twitch users believe that brands that help their streamers become successful and enjoy a high return on investments. Here are the essential tips you can use to make your Twitch influencer marketing campaign successful: Get the right streamer for your content. Evaluate the number of followers the Twitch streamer has. Hire streamers with a regular live streaming strategy. Analyze and understand how the streamer interact with the viewers.


Twitch also allows brands to run their ad campaigns to help boost brand awareness. That can be through in-video ads or banners. Video ads get displayed on specific channels on the platform. And for a streamer to run ads on these channels, they must be a Twitch Partner. These ads are often shown before, during, and after live streams.

Branded Channel

You can create your business channel on the platform to raise brand awareness and exposure effectively. After that, you can use the channel to showcase weekly live streams to your audience or potential customers. Alternatively, you can host exclusive events for your followers. Or you can hold live face-to-face interviews with leading stakeholders and discuss your company's future. In short, branded channels offer you an excellent way to form a community with your audience to interact exclusively.