Does Embedding YouTube Videos Help With SEO?

Creating valuable and interactive content consistently for your readers can be overwhelming.

December 14, 2021 4:45 PM

Does Embedding YouTube Videos Help With SEO?

Creating valuable and interactive content consistently for your readers can be overwhelming. You have to research extensively to engage your readers and provide them with vital information about a particular topic. However, business owners should also focus on improving their SEO game. YouTube is one of the valuable assets that entrepreneurs use to promote their businesses online. As a business runner, you should understand whether having YouTube videos on your platform will impact SEO.

Embedding YouTube videos on your website does not impact SEO directly. However, it offers other benefits that boost the website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results. For example, it promotes your content marketing efforts and drives organic traffic to the site.

Using YouTube Video Content to increase Visibility in Google Search

Business owners achieve better SEO results by implementing the YouTube strategy in various ways. Search engine results pages are changing rapidly due to the invention of various advanced features, such as featured snippets, video results, and local search results.

As a result of these advancements, Google is making it easier for people to find answers online. This change requires business owners to adopt a modern approach to improving their websites’ ranking on Google.

Higher Engagement

Embedding YouTube videos in the company’s marketing strategy is powerful. Featuring these videos enables searchers to locate your page easily, especially when searching for video content. Many people prefer browsing a YouTube video instead of reading a long article about a product.  

More engaging video content attracts more readers and achieves better results. For example, they can attract more shares, especially on social media, and increase your page’s visibility. Therefore, you should focus more on the video’s quality and content before attaching it to your webpage.

Video SEO will benefit your business if the content offers something to the viewers. For instance, it can educate them, make them laugh, shock them, or a combination of all of them. Inserting a YouTube video that evokes strong emotional reactions will make the viewers share it or discuss it on their websites through the backlink.

Longer Browsing Sessions

Embedding videos also boosts SEO by encouraging the searchers to visit the corresponding page and stay on it longer. People will linger on a webpage that interests them. Consequently, search engine algorithms will indicate that your website has more value. Sometimes, the video’s thumbnail can appear on Google search results and encourage more people to open your page.

The YouTube video you create should be relevant. You should optimize the title, content, description, and tags properly. For example, the content should be relevant to your target audience and be connected to the website’s content. This process will make it easier for the page to appear on the search results and visitors to watch the video.

Embedding a video you have created will boost the SEO and give your webpage more power than embedding someone else’s video. After posting the video, you can attach an outgoing link to the description section of your website. This strategy will give you more relevancy and boost your brand’s SEO.

Business owners should know that embedding a video is quite different from linking it to the page. Visitors can watch an embedded video on the business website without leaving the page. On the contrary, linking a video shares the URL and redirects viewers to a different page after clocking the link.

Embedding a YouTube video involves several steps. After creating an engaging YouTube video, click the share button. Select “Embed” from the share options. Copy the HTML code that appears and post it in your webpage’s HTML. Alternatively, you can contact Vix Media Group for high-quality services. Our skilled experts will implement their knowledge and talent to add value to your SEO projects.


In conclusion, embedding a YouTube video on your business page will not directly improve its SEO, but it will attract more readers and make the page an authoritative source. YouTube videos have become effective marketing tools, and including them on your webpage will benefit you in the long run. It will give the visitors the option to read or watch the video.