Facebook Automation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook automation has numerous benefits, and it can escalate your sales greatly. Before commencing on Facebook automation, you should analyze your goals and aims and have a strategic plan.

May 13, 2022 8:30 PM

Facebook Automation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Managing multiple Facebook pages can be an arduous task without the right tools or knowledge. Facebook automation comes in handy in aiding you in streamlining your page management tasks, thus saving a lot of resources and time. To have a deeper understanding of Facebook automation, read on to the end of the article.

What is Facebook Automation?

Facebook automation incorporates software and tools to simplify the effort involved in managing a Facebook page. This automation also involves scheduling posts in advance to boost the traffic on your page.  Increase in traffic means increase in sales which will push your brand forward.

Understanding Facebook Automated Rules

This advertising tool is available to all advertisers on Facebook and enables an action to be performed once a specific condition is met. To commence using these rules, you should at least launch a campaign that has an ad set and an ad. The Facebook automated rules are easily accessible from the business tools dropdown menu. If you haven't launched a campaign yet, you can launch one using the following methods. By manually creating a campaign by using a Facebook Ads manager. By incorporating Revealbot's bulk creation, you can create multiple ads faster.

Once you launch your campaign, you will use the native rules tool to access the basic Facebook automation rules and Revealbot to access complex automated rules such as custom metrics, metric comparison, duplication, and varying timeframes.

Define your Aims and Goals

This is the second step after understanding some of the automation rules. The success of your Facebook automation will determine whether you will achieve your goals or not. Some of the common aims of Facebook automation include escalating your sales, getting more comments, shares, or likes, escalating traffic to your website or blog, and increasing your engagements with clients to get appropriate feedback about the products you sell or services you offer.

Choose and Use an Appropriate Scheduling Tool

Content scheduling tools are vital in automating Facebook tasks. You should always ensure that the tool you choose aligns with your goals. Some other factors to consider when choosing a scheduling tool include whether you can post at different time intervals, its user-friendliness if you can schedule your content in advance and whether it is free or not.

Developing a Content Calendar for All your Posts

When automating your Facebook posts, you should develop a posting frequency to maximize your clients' engagement and minimize any negativity. Your page may have a 50% drop in engagement if you have your post more than one time in a day. It is advisable to analyze your audience insights to know the time and days your audience is highly active in responding to your posts.

Developing Engaging Content

This is the backbone of capturing various audiences on your page. You should look at your competitors' post content and develop a unique way to enhance your content. A perfect method of developing engaging content is recreating some of your competitors' content and spinning it in your way to fit on your page.

Having Fresh Content

In Facebook automation, you should regularly develop fresh content to hook your audience into your page. Ensure that you incorporate videos, blogs, and photos in your content to enhance easy understanding for your audience. It is also advisable to diversify your content regularly to cover even related items to your page's focus.

Repeating and Refine

You need to be consistent in automating your Facebook posts if you want to see positive results. You should also fully engage your audience to get appropriate feedback on the content on your page. You should also refine your goals and strategies if you are not noticing a positive progression.

Types of Ads that can be Automated

Website visitors' ads – they are used for advertising your website by redirecting clients into your blog entries or landing pages to attract more traffic.

Lead Ads- The lead ads can conduct market research on your target clients, create more engagements, and gather different contact information.

Boosted posts - Automating boosted posts will enhance a wide audience coverage, eventually escalating your sales.

Benefits of using Facebook Automation

Saves Time - With Facebook automation, your posts will be published within the scheduled timeframe, thus enabling you to focus on other projects, thus saving the time of frequently posting ads.

Increase in Audience Coverage - Due to the post scheduling, the Facebook automation feature will increase your audience coverage by attracting a greater audience coverage.

You can always consult your social media manager on the best scheduling tool. If one strategy is not working out, you can always try out another strategy that will help you achieve your aims.