How to Grow your Company’s Twitter Presence

There are many different ways to manage your Twitter account and grow your business' followers. You can stick with the basics and manage the account yourself, or you can hire a service. As long as you're being honest and transparent, engaging with users, connecting with others on Twitter, and sharing valuable information, you'll find that it is beneficial for your marketing strategy.

June 9, 2022 7:37 AM

How to Grow your Company’s Twitter Presence

The digital world is changing at a breakneck pace. One phenomenon that has grown in recent years is social media and Twitter in particular. No matter what kind of company you have, one thing is for sure: you're likely on Twitter. But how does your Twitter presence stack up against the competition? Does it get the job done but never exceed expectations? Or can your feed rival some of the greats in the field?

Researching what makes a good Twitter account will only get you so far; eventually, your company will have to work to achieve this. With more than 500 million users on the platform, you'll need to put in some serious effort if you want to rise above the rest. Here are some ways to grow your company's Twitter presence and propel your profile up to the next level.

Tweet Regularly

If you want to succeed with Twitter, make sure that you tweet regularly. The best thing about Twitter is that interaction occurs at all times of the day, so you don't have to rely solely on tweets posted during regular work hours. It's very important in a time where people are used to instant gratification that you post regularly and respond to any questions people may have.

Tweet in Real-Time

Another way to gain new followers and stay active on Twitter is to tweet in real-time. This is another way of showing that you are posting at a regular interval and will keep people coming back to your profile. If you're going to do this, make sure that you use some great hashtags to interact with others, which will lead to greater brand visibility and push your content to a larger audience.

Be Authentic

Twitter is a bit of a fantastic place to communicate with your followers. People tend to respond well to people who are genuine and transparent. If you want your company's reputation to be well-received, make sure you're honest and engaging with people on Twitter. It will help your social media strategy tremendously if you respond to any questions people have about your business. Private messages are a great way to interact with users who have questions or comments that you may not be able to answer in a public tweet.

Engage Others in Conversation

Keep your followers engaged with messages that ask for questions or comments. Your fans want to feel as if they're having a conversation with you, and being part of the conversation is a great way to keep them interested in your tweets. People often retweet people who are willing to engage them in conversation, and this can be beneficial in solidifying your Twitter presence.

Share Valuable Information and Build Credibility

The purpose of Twitter is to connect with others, so make sure that you're providing valuable information. This will build credibility on your behalf and establish you as a thought leader in your field. If someone tweets about a study or has a question, it's essential to respond. You'll be able to establish rapport with other users, and they'll begin coming to you for answers when they have questions in the future.

Listen and Respond to Your Followers

It's essential to make sure that you respond to people who tweet at you. This will help you establish a relationship with your followers, which is very important when relating to customers. You'll want to be sure that you're engaged in the conversation, but also make sure that you're trying to answer their questions as best as possible on time.

Measure Your Twitter Success

If you're not sure how successful your Twitter account is, there are several ways to measure your success. The first thing to look at is the number of followers you have. You can also look at tweets, retweets, and mentions. These are all important metrics that indicate the level of engagement that people have with your tweets.


Remember that the purpose of social media is to engage with consumers and let them know about your brand or products. One thing to keep in mind is the importance of community. If things go wrong on your company's Twitter account, people may turn against you. Therefore, you must have a team ready to manage your Twitter account when you are away from the computer and give them instructions on reacting to any tweets that may be posted about your company or service.