How To Implement A Chatbot For Your Business

What is live chat? A live chat is a convenient way of providing instant customer service without opening an actual customer service phone line. The ability to provide instant communication via a secure internet connection is paramount in today's world of technology.

February 10, 2022 8:31 PM

How To Implement A Chatbot For Your Business

Now I know what you are thinking; why should I use a chatbot on my website? Well, think about it this way- through a chatbot, your company can reduce their customer service time by up to 42% while improving the quality of responses by up to 74%. All of this is possible through the one simple step of implementing a chatbot!

If that is not enough for you, there are many more reasons, such as improved search engine results and an increased number of customers visiting your website. According to the latest research, these are some of the other benefits of integrating a chatbot into your website: Chatbots are ever-changing and always getting smarter, so Chatbots can work 24/7 and get to know your customers on a personal level. Chatbots are increasing conversions by 23%, and 92% of consumers feel like a natural person is helping them out when speaking with a chatbot online vs. only 39% who felt this way about other customer service methods such as phone and email. Chatbots can help you avoid losing customers due to poor customer service and increase loyalty among current customers by 31%. Also, 67% of internet users want companies to offer live chat to get their questions answered quickly. Lastly, 57% of virtual assistants can book a meeting or schedule an appointment for you.

So now that I have all of your attention let's get started with the seven steps to successful implementation!

Step 1:

Get Legalized in Your Country/ State. Most chatbot software will require you to get legal help before implementing a chatbot. In this case, you will need an attorney who can help direct you in the right direction for the Chatbot questions. This step could cost you anything from $50 - $2000, depending on how complicated your case is.

Step 2:

Know What You Need from the Chatbot. Do not go into this whole process without knowing your goals first. You need to know what you want the chatbot to do for your company. Do you want the chatbot to be a social media bot? Do you want it to produce instant content and images? Do you want it to be a customer service rep? Do you need it for anything else that this article cannot answer?

Step 3:

Decide Whether You Want It To Be a Customer Service Bot or a Social Media Bot. The choice is up to your discretion, but I suggest using Facebook Conversations as the platform for your chatbot if you choose the former. If your choice is a Social Media Bot, I suggest using Facebook AdWords for advertising purposes.

Step 4:

Set Up a Facebook Account. This is where you will create your account and begin creating a Facebook page. To set up a Facebook page, you will need to create an account and verify your email address (this is all free, of course). When doing so, you do not need to enter any payment information until the next step, so if you cannot afford to pay at this time, enter whatever information you can.

Step 5:

Purchase the Product. Now that your legalities are taken care of, and your business goals are set, it is time to purchase the chatbot software for your company!

Step 6:

Install the Software. Once you have purchased the chatbot software, you will receive a link to download it to your computer. After downloading, follow the instructions given and integrate the software into your website.

Step 7:

Finalize the Chatbot and Launch It On Your Website! In this step, all you will have to do is set up an account with Facebook and create a Facebook page for your chatbot. From there, you can build a following and grow an audience! (Facebook page can be found here). Of course, this is assuming you chose for your Chatbot to be a Social Media Platform in Step 2.

In summary

This list of steps is simple and easy to follow but requires a lot of preliminary planning. If you follow these steps precisely and get help from a lawyer if need be, your business will experience the benefits of a Chatbot in no time!