How to Run An Effective Snapchat Ads Campaign

A Snapchat business account has marketing features such as advertising through its Ads Manager. Here is a guide on how to run an effective Snapchat ad campaign to grow your business.

June 21, 2022 10:24 AM

How to Run An Effective Snapchat Ads Campaign

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to send and receive videos and pictures from one another. It also comprises cool features such as augmented reality and a real-time interactive map for locating your friends. The platform had 293 million daily active users as of July 2021, up 23% from the previous year. With so many active users on this platform, you can run marketing campaigns to promote your business or brand. You will need to create a business account to get a permanent landing page for your brand on Snapchat. Prospective customers can discover your business via the discover icon on the home screen.

Use Audience Insights

Understanding your audience insights will help generate relevant content for your target audience. It will also help you discover and explore new segments for your business that you can use to appeal to a new audience. You can get your audience insights via how they engage with your advertising content. It will reveal, particularly, who your audience is and their line of interest.

These insights are crucial for customizing your ad content for certain audiences. It will result in better engagement and a higher conversion rate of the target audience. For example, you can look at and compare the purchase intent of different audiences. This information will help you change your Snapchat ads to appeal to future prospective customers. It will also give you a better understanding of what should be established within your campaign to improve efficiency.

Linking Your Ads to the Correct Landing Page

Once you have their attention, you need to guide your audience to your landing page. You want to get people into your business website and convince them to buy an item. For example, you can redirect your audience via a link to your website or have them sign up for a newsletter to keep up with your latest products and services.

Use Poll Ads for Your Snapchat Ads

Using polling stickers for your advertisements not only improves your engagement with your audience but also increases the number of views on your story. But, Snapchat does not contain an inbuilt polling feature like Instagram. You can download a third-party application such as Polly to create polls for your audience to answer. Such polls attract prospective clients as they can learn and relate to other clients' views and opinions. You can have them vote between two competing brands or create trivia questions challenging your audience's understanding. This will help you comprehend what type of product or content a particular audience resonates with.

Track Online Behavior

Snapchat has an advertising platform with an ad manager that allows you to track your campaign ad performance. This, in turn, informs you on how to customize your content to meet your audience's needs. The Ad Manager has a tool known as Snap Pixel. It allows you to retarget a particular audience who has been on your website and browsed your services or products. This drives further engagement with interested audiences convincing them to buy a certain item.

Use of the AR Lens Feature

The AR lens is an immersive feature that lets your audience interact with different products emulating an in-person shopping experience. According to a Deloitte survey, 94 percent of users intend to use augmented reality for buying, making the AR lens a vital tool for e-commerce in the future. The benefit of creating a Snapchat Ads campaign around the AR lens feature is that it creates brand awareness with the over 2 million lenses that different users have created on their Snapchat lens studio platform. More users are also likely to buy an item when they interact with it via AR lenses.

Use the Right Ad Format to Match Your Goals

Snapchat Ads are simple to set up and produce results for companies of all sizes. It would be best if you used the right Ad formats to meet the audience's needs. Using the wrong Snapchat Ad strategy will not deliver specific business goals such as brand awareness. There are different Snapchat Ad formats. They include single image Ads, a full-screen immersive Ad that is added via a URL attachment. Users can take action by swiping up on the attachment to view, increasing engagement and driving awareness.

The story Ad is another format that resides between content or contained in the Snapchat discover section. The dynamic Ad is another format that performs well in promoting a large range of products and variations. This also provides more opportunities to scale up campaigns and increase conversions. Finally, the app installment attachment ad is built for promoting applications. The best Snapchat ads blend in with a user's feed without interfering with their experience. Keep in mind these tips while designing your Snapchat Ad campaign to meet your company objectives.