How to Sell With Instagram Reels and Stories

Ever thought that you could combine your Instagram reels and stories and convert them into your potential customers? Short Instagram videos and reels matter in today’s marketing world because Reels are pushed and supported by Instagram.

January 27, 2022 9:53 AM

How to Sell With Instagram Reels and Stories

Reels are more exposed than all the other features found on Instagram, hence favored by the algorithm.

Apart from Instagram, other social platforms characterized by short videos include:

· Tiktok
· Linked In
· Facebook
· Snapchat

One of the many advantages of having several social media platforms focused on short reels or videos at one time is the convenience of repurposing the videos. The following are ways in which you can sell using Instagram Reels and videos:

1. Turn Viewers Into Followers Using Instagram Reels and Videos

Before understanding how they work, Instagram and reels can look similar. However, the difference is in what potential they have and their roles in turning viewers into followers that potentially end up being customers o our businesses. Through the explore feed, Instagram reels are discoverable with relevant hashtags.

On the other hand, Instagram stories can only be seen by the existing network or people who take time to search you up on Instagram. Posting relevant content on your reels attracts more audiences. The inclusion of a call to action directs the audience to your Instagram stories to get more information on what you are selling.

2. Use Instagram Stories to Nurture your Audience

As mentioned earlier, your reels play a big role in introducing new followers to your Instagram account. If you are armed with quality content, captions, and hashtags, your reels reach out to people who have no idea of your existence and, in turn, convert them to a group of interested customers. You do not have to create videos to post every time; sharing other people’s valuable content also commands an audience.

Posting valuable content multiple times a day keeps the momentum and spirit of followers going to continue watching your stories and making inquiries. Your sales are mainly made from your stories after nurturing communication. The type of content you post on your stories will filter out your audience; the interested people stick around to get more content while the uninterested ones opt to live.

3. Create Attractive Reels for Your Target Audience

Through your Instagram reels, random people can get attracted to what you post and follow you on your page to get complete information on how to purchase a product. The consistency you employ in posting content has a big share in attracting new people and maintaining the already acquired group of customers. Most importantly, make ac clear definition of your content more relevant.

If your niche is just starting, ensure the content you post on your reels is directly involved with your niche. Larger accounts are an exception as they get to post all sorts of content, niche-related or not. However, small accounts that are still struggling to balance need to maintain the same type of content with different influential ideas to grow big. Convince people with the content you post.

4. Take Advantage of Instagram Features and Filters

As a business person, you want to ensure your products look as splendid as possible. Instagram reels and stories have multiple features that help to provide quality to what you are selling. For instance, the location sticker on your reels tells interested parties about where you are based and how they can access you. The different features include:
· Tag buttons
· Hashtag options
· Filters and stickers favorable for your niche
· Interactive segments

The right camera quality and filters enhance a new look to your products. These filters are an important part of marketing strategy as they spice up the look of your products and elevate your Instagram feed to look more cohesive. Instagram filters and stickers also warp the perception of people on what your products look like hence commanding more interest.

5. Adapt Current Trend to Your Niche

Focusing on Instagram reels and stories, current trends lead the way in attracting followers that may turn into your group of customers. Social media sites such as Tiktok are loaded with new trends every day that make people stare at their phones every time. As a business person, it is crucial to look into ways to use these trends in your niche for a positive impact on your business.

While focusing on trends, choose only the trends that relate to your niche and discard the ones that do not, as using irrelevant trends o your niche reduces the interest of your followers. If using trends proves to be successful, ensure consistency in applying trends that leave your followers and customers gaping for more content.

You do not have to open a new Instagram account to post your reels or stories. Your initial Instagram account can also be used to command followers and sell products. Even better, using reels and updating stories on your existing followers helps keep the real ones and filter out those who do not find you interesting.

People with staunch online shops and businesses build fortunes every day from making good use of their reels and stories. A good smartphone and stable network could help you make a difference in your future. Start now!