How To Start A Facebook Shop

There are at least two billion, active users, on Facebook every month. As a result, we can all agree that Facebook is among the bests social networks to market your products.

October 19, 2021 2:46 PM

How To Start A Facebook Shop

Never assume that when you advertise your products on Facebook, you’ll get rich overnight. You should use Facebook as a channel to market your products and sell them to an active audience. Ensure you’ve looked into the advantages of multichannel selling, and you’ll realize how selling your products through various channels will boost your sales. Your business will gain from the redundancy.

What is a Facebook Shop?

You can easily set up a Facebook page meant for business purposes. The page should be dedicated for business purposes. You can set up the page fast and easily. The Facebook page can also act as a virtual store for your business. Facebook usually provides add-ons that you can use to open a store on the platform and make sales directly from the platform. It means that when a client clicks through a business profile, they won’t have to go to your website, which means you’ll have managed to get rid of some resistance to the purchasing process.

Why Sell on Facebook?

Facebook can attract the attention of a considerable number of users. The users usually spend at least 35 minutes daily on the platform. When you engage with the Facebook community, you’ll manage to enhance the growth of your business at a rapid rate. The users can also share your content easily, which means your brand will gain increased attention. You can now see why it makes sense to sell your products on Facebook. Facebook also collects a significant amount of data, and it usually comes in handy since it can help your business gain a better understanding of user behavior. When you send a user to an external site, you’ll have a lower conversion rate. To ensure your business has a better conversion rate, Facebook has come up with different ways for you to sell your products, and they include:

Checking Out on Facebook

Checkout on Facebook ensures your clients can purchase products directly from the shop section on the Facebook business page, and you can integrate everything with your Stripe account. Keep in mind Facebook won’t charge you anything. Keep in mind that this feature is in beta, and it will be rolled out gradually throughout the U.S. If your business is U.S.-based, you can take advantage of it. You should also include your U.S. address on Facebook. Eventually, the functionality will be present in more nations. If you aren’t based in the U.S., you have a limited number of options, including the “message to buy” option.

Message to Buy

If you want to sell your products on Facebook, prospective clients can make an inquiry through your business page. The option is labor-intensive for business owners since you have to handle every process manually. The “message to buy” option is suitable for individuals who don’t have an existing store, and Facebook is the only channel they have to market their products. Unless your customer service team is dedicated, this is not a viable option for your business. The option is available outside the U.S. You now know of the available options if you want to set up a Facebook shop. We’ll now look into how you can create a Facebook shop.

Setting Up a Facebook Shop

You can make use of the Commerce Manager by Facebook to set up your shop fast. For starters, you need to select where the consumers will complete their purchase. You’ll then provide the necessary information in different categories. After that, you’ll click on “set up” to start the entire process. Go to the Business Information section. There, you can give your business a name and also connect everything to the Facebook Manager account. For those without a Facebook Manager account, it is easy to create one. Proceed to the section about Inventory & Shipping Preferences. You’ll create a catalog in this section and also add the return policy. You’ll also set up the delivery options. Finally, you can complete your Payouts section. You can add the email and physical address of your business. You can also add the business category while including your tax information and location. Also, you can link your bank account. Your Facebook shop is now set up, and you can go ahead and add products. You can also customize the shop to your liking to ensure everything aligns with your brand.

Adding Products

You can add the products to the Facebook shop manually, or you can use an API. Create a catalog first and then add products to it.