How To: Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis

TikTok is a social media platform that is designed for the younger generation. It incorporates many aspects of this generation, including music, videos, and the use of emojis. Some people don't know how to use these secret emojis that appear on the app for some reason and are not sure where else to go for help.

August 4, 2022 10:46 AM

How To: Use TikTok’s Secret Emojis

It can be frustrating not to know what to do. This article will guide you through the process of using these secret emojis and show you where you can find more information on how to make your TikTok account unique and more enjoyable. Here are the steps for how to use TikTok’s secret emojis:

Step 1: Open Your Tiktok App

When you open your Tik Tok app, you will notice an emoji on the home screen. This app's main feature is used to help the user view interactions with others. It is also used to watch videos and see what others are doing on their account.

Step 2: Find Emojis That You Want To Use

There are a few critical emojis that are going to be shown on top of your viewer screen as you scroll through videos. These are the ones that you want to use to help your account stand out. When you find some you want to use, tap them, and they will appear on your viewer screen without the other emoji icons.

Step 3: Change Your Default Emoji

When you select the emoji, you want to use, it will not be shown to all users. To change this, go back into the settings and select "Add New Emoji" on the bottom of the screen. It will be where you can choose from more than just the ones displayed on your home screen.

Step 4: Use Secret Emojis That Are Not On The Home Screen

The only way to use these secret emojis is to tap on them and then tap the "View Other Emoji" tab. Each account shows a different amount of secret emojis, but this will be the same type of emoji that you can use. Select anyone you want to use, and you will place it on your viewing screen. The best part is that it will show up as a different color, showing you that it is a secret emoji.

Step 5: Use The Emojis As You Would The Others

The way that you use these emojis is the same as other emojis that are on your account. They can be selected similarly and used to show more about who you are. It is essential to understand that everyone else will not see these hidden emojis, so they can be a great way to show your style and personality.

Step 6: Show And Share The Hidden Emojis

Tap the "Share" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to share these emojis. It will bring you to your messaging section, where you can select any one of the secret emojis that you have picked and post it for your friends to see. They can also follow you if they are interested in keeping up with your activity on TikTok.

Types of TikTok's Secret Emojis

There are a few different types of secret emojis that you can use on this app. They are organized in a way that makes them easier for you to pick, so you can see the ones that work best for your account.

Personal Emojis

These include the secret emojis from your account that will be shown when you make a post. Each one is unique to you and shows your personality. It is an excellent way for people to get a glimpse of who you are and what you are about.

Trending Emojis

Trending emojis are those that were released within the last 24 hours. TikTok users choose them based on where they think you should use them for your account. You can use these emojis to show your style and highlight moments that happened this week. Use the trending emojis wisely, as these will only last for 24 hours and won't be available for long.

Music Emojis

These are the emojis used in this app's music player. They can use them to show what type of music you like and that you like to dance when it is played. They will appear the same color as other emojis, so anyone can see they are secret emojis.

Apparel and Beauty Emojis

These are only for those who are interested in fashion and beauty. They are emojis that will appear on your viewer screen when you are in a post about this type of thing. They are great for those who want to show the items they like the most and identify with.

Movie and TV Emojis

These are some of the latest emojis from this app in the past year. They are a great addition to the app for anyone who enjoys movies or television shows. They can be used when you want to share screenshots from your favorite shows or when you want to talk about something that you watched on your account.

Places and Objects Emojis

These symbols can be used in a post about where you live and how you like it there. They can use them in posts about places you like to shop at and give you a chance to show your style. They are available for all places and objects, so you don't have to limit yourself to only one type of place. Tik Tok is an excellent app for anyone who enjoys making videos and using secret emojis. It is a fun app that can be used in various ways and allows you to express yourself in new ways. The only way to use these emojis is to follow the steps in this article and use them wisely.