How to Work with Social Media Influencers

Today's influencer marketing is the buzz word and marketers are increasingly branding themselves as influencers. Influencer marketing is a business relationship between brands and influential people on social media who give additional brand value and enhance more recognition of the brand or product.

November 10, 2021 5:49 PM

How to Work with Social Media Influencers

In addition, influencer marketing helps brands to gain new customers and grow sales. Therefore, integrating influencers into your marketing strategy should be a priority.

 1. Finding and following influencers in your industry

 Many businesses are unsure of where to begin when it comes to finding influencers to boost their presence on social media. It is helpful to identify the most influential voices or celebrities with massive followings in your industry on each social media platform. Therefore, you should do comprehensive research for the influencers that suit your business. The platform will determine your budget and the influencer you choose since many celebrities are represented by agencies and need compensation.

 Here are reasonable best practices you can use to build a successful campaign.

 a. Identify your goals 

 Finding the right influencer is the key since not all influencers are reliable. The right brand influencers are personalities, brands, and social media accounts that can assist you in reaching your target audience and goals. So, start by building your influencer marketing campaign by outlining what you hope to achieve. Your objectives may be as follows.

 i. Building brand identity

 ii. Customer loyalty

 iii. Building links

 iv. Creating brand awareness

 v.Increasing sales

 vi. Engaging the audience

 vii. Generating leads

 b. Find influencers who promote your competitors.

 Influencers who work with your competitors are more likely to work with your brand. They are likely to share content about your brand on their social media platforms since they are used to writing about other brands in your industry. Unfortunately, influencers who never share content on other brands in your industry may not be interested in working with you.

 c. Identify the kind of influencer campaign you want to run

 Many brands seek influencer campaigns without knowing what type of campaign is suitable. When planning your influencer marketing plans, it is important to consider the type of campaign that will connect you with the most appropriate influencers in your industry. Here are several influencer campaigns you may opt to utilize.

 Planning contests and giveaway

 i.Brand ambassadors: Joining with a popular influencer who frequently endorses your business in exchange for discounts and perks from your brand.

 ii. Guest posting: getting an influencer to allow you to write for their blog.

 iii. Sponsored content: compensating an influencer to post and share your content on their accounts.

 iv. Discount codes: letting influencers share discount codes with their fans and followers.

 2. Reaching out to influencers directly

 The most critical part of finding influencers is reaching to them directly. You can start by complimenting them on the content they share on their accounts. By doing so, you ensure a lasting relationship with influencers on social media. Furthermore, you can request to commission an article for your blog or website. Accordingly, this will cost you, but you will attract their attention. Don't be discouraged if you fail to get their attention. Instead, emphasize finding other influencers who may not be hard to lure. 

 3. What to ask of an influencer

 Creating new content for your social media platform requires you to be a step ahead before publishing it, guaranteeing visibility and ensuring that your content trends. Therefore, start by interviewing an influencer, but you need to plan on the questions to ask them. Besides, asking a good question can directly or indirectly trigger sales. Here are a few crucial tips you can use to interview influencers.

 a. Does the influencer provide a written agreement?

 Before partnering with an influencer, it is imperative to ask them if they provide a signed agreement or not. Most influencers prefer agreements to show loyalty to your brand. In addition, you should enquire about the terms and conditions of the agreement in case of a contract breach.

 b. What are the influencer's principles and values? 

 Identifying the principles that the influencers stand by and the values they espouse is important for an organization since it raises their awareness on whether their products will be following their norms or not. Moreover, it is suitable to hire an influencer who indicates that they work to increase website traffic, create brand awareness, and stimulate sales. 

 4. Seeking influencers on marketing agencies

 Social media marketing agencies help businesses successfully identify influencers who can communicate to target audiences through innovative and creative designs. Companies such as VIX Media Group develop online digital marketing strategies precise to your industry. Furthermore, VIX Group specializes in automation, digital marketing, and CMS management which improves your brand presence and sales.


It's appropriate for users to utilize social media influencer marketing apps to hunt for an appropriate influencer. You'll need the help of the Vix Media Group marketing platform, which will help you find, analyze, manage, and contact influencers.