How to: Write A Google My Business (GMB) Post

Since its introduction in 2016, the GMB profile has evolved to be one of the most efficient strategies for local businesses to become more visible online. This free marketing tool can also enhance your local business's SEO rankings. According to LinkedIn, leveraging Google My Business Posts, your local business can effectively attract the attention of prospects.

August 31, 2022 12:18 PM

How to: Write A Google My Business (GMB) Post

Often, this occurs as individuals actively leverage various tools, including Google's search engine and Google maps in finding companies that offer the services or products they need. Google My Business Posts enable you to provide crucial details about your local business, events, products, offers, and services. You can effectively connect with a large audience through Google My Business Posts whenever prospects and clients search for products or services your business offers. Perhaps by now, you're wondering how you can create a great GMB Post. Here's how you can create an attractive GMB Post:

1. Select Your Post Type

The first step to writing the most influential GMB Post is choosing your post type from the several types Google My Business offers. Based on your goal and the message you intend to pass, picking the ideal post type can enhance the efficiency of your message. The main post types Google My Business offers include:

  • Update Posts: If you intend to share a message about your new services and products, update posts would be the ideal choice. They effectively inform your clients about the latest updates on your local business.
  • Product Posts: If you plan to feature tangible products for sale, you can opt for this post type. Here, you'll get the opportunity to add details such as pricing, call-to-action, product/service description, and product name.
  • Offer Posts: This post type is ideal if you intend to promote a limited-time deal for your local business. It allows you to include the beginning and ending date, a headline, and a short description.
  • Event Posts: Contrary to update posts, these post types are ideal for use whenever your company is having a unique event.

2. Upload High-Quality Photos and Videos

Whatever post type you choose in the first step of creating a GMB Post, always ensure you include photos and videos. Your prospects and clients will likely click posts containing visuals compared to those without. The posts you write must spark engagement, and leveraging images and short clips can help you achieve that. Considering the role photos and videos play in promoting engagement, you must ensure what you upload is authentic and high quality. The photos and videos you upload must be visually captivating, represent your company and be engaging. Additionally, ensure you use short video clips of less than 30 seconds to avoid your prospects and clients losing interest.

3. Choose a Keyword-Driven Title

When writing a GMB Post, you must create a precise post title with the relevant keyword. Google Keyword Planner tool can help you find relevant keywords your target audience will likely use when searching on search engines. According to Forbes, while writing a GMB Post, you should remember that it can impact your SEO rankings. Therefore, ensure you create concise, keyword-driven, and search-engine-optimized post titles.

4. Create a Clear Call-to-Action

Make it a routine to include a clear call to action when writing a GMB Post and an action button while publishing your post. Usually, the action button you select will differ based on the post type you're writing. Common examples include:

  • Call now
  • Buy
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Learn more
  • Place your order online
  • Sign up

Including a clear call to action and action button when creating your local business's Google My Business Post increases the likelihood of prospects clicking through to your landing page. Ultimately, having an effective call to action strategy can improve the efficiency of your Google My Business Post in communicating your message to your audience.

5. Optimize Your Post Content for Desktop and Mobile Devices

While writing a GMB Post for your local business, consider optimizing the content for various devices. That's because it'll appear different when accessed through a desktop computer than when accessed with a mobile device. Although Google My Business allows you to include up to 1,500 characters on your posts, consider keeping it under 500 characters. Your entire post content is visible when accessed with a desktop computer; nevertheless, the content you write is trimmed when accessed with mobile devices. Consequently, you must ensure you write the most critical content at the beginning of your post to avoid it being truncated when users access it with mobile devices. Also, ensure you omit some irrelevant characters from your Google My Business Post, including hashtags, since they don't influence your SEO rankings.

Concluding Remarks

According to HubSpot, your GMB Postings can assist prospective clients in seeing what you do, who you're, and what you're offering them. It's an effective way to develop interest among local customers searching for products and services that your local business offers. Therefore, using the above five steps, you can learn how to develop a result-oriented GMB Post to help your local business grow. We at Vix Media Group have extensive experience in Google My Business optimization, and we can assist you in learning more about creating effective posts.