Reasons Why Social Media Is Important in Marketing

The end goal for every entrepreneur is to increase their brand awareness and make huge profits.

October 13, 2021 9:01 PM

Reasons Why Social Media Is Important in Marketing

Luckily, marketing allows you to do just that. Good marketing allows you to create awareness for your brand while maintaining the reputation of your company. Additionally, it’s through marketing that you’re able to create and maintain relationships with your customers. The number of people owning smartphones has increased over the years, causing an increase in the number of individuals on social media. As a result, this has highly affected how most individuals access information. If you’re a small or large business and you’re not using social media marketing, you’re missing out on huge profits. Below are reasons why you should incorporate social media marketing in your business.

Build a Community

Compared to other forms of marketing where you have to vouch for your business, social media allows you to build a group of cheerleaders who help spread your brand's message. Social media makes it easy for your followers to share the word of your products or services with friends and family. Even when they don’t directly share your information, through comments on your social media pages, your followers help draw in potential clients. Remember, when it comes to social media marketing, consistency is key. Ensure you frequently post on your social media pages and interact with your customers. When posting, it’s recommended to use simple, short and educative posts. Extremely long posts will get your followers bored. Include a few jokes whenever possible.

Remember to encourage your followers to leave a review on your posts. Both positive and negative reviews help facilitate a discussion, which helps you build a relationship with your current and potential customers. Deleting negative comments from your customers portrays your business as dishonest. Instead, reply to the comment and apologize to the customer for their dissatisfaction and promise to rectify the mistake if it was on your side.

Connect with Others in Your Industry

Social media allows you to learn from other individuals in your industry about current industry trends. Moreover, through social media, you’re able to make business contacts who might be interested in collaborating with you in promotions and other business deals. Remember, your competitors too are on social media. Therefore, by joining social media, you get a chance to convince some of their customers to join your community.

By checking out your competitor’s social media page, you’re able to learn more about their customers and what they would expect from you. Additionally, you’re able to learn the type of posts that cause a lot of interactions and the time of day they get a lot of customer interaction. Remember, through checking your competitor’s page, you’re able to learn not just what they’re doing right but also what they’re doing wrong. If you notice that your competitor doesn’t respond to questions or negative comments, this is your golden chance to step up and show how useful and skillful you can be to their audience.

Show Your Consumers You Are Human

Social media allows you to share your brand story and the individuals who help run the company and deliver services to the consumers. It allows you to take your customers behind the scenes and take them through the thought process and the efforts each of the employees put in to ensure their needs are met. By sharing this with your customers, they become more confident as they know you’re not just a company trying to make money from them; instead, real and caring people are putting in time, money and energy to ensure they’re satisfied.

Before telling your brand story, it’s important to research what makes other company’s brand stories impactful. What makes a brand story successful is its ability to be interesting as well as relevant to the audience. Ensure that your story feels personal to the consumer in order to stimulate emotions such as empathy.  A brand story about how your products or services will help make the consumers lives easier is more likely to trigger an emotional response. Remember, when telling your story, less is more. Ensure that your story is simple as well as short.  

It’s important to note that your customers will be more attracted to a true story than a false story seeking to manipulate their emotions. Therefore, ensure that your story is not just emotional, but it’s also honest. Remember to identify where most of your audience is when choosing the social media platform to use. Compared to other forms of marketing available today, social media marketing is cheap and, at times, free. Social media allows you to target your ads to the most qualified demographics, making it one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering why the most successful business has adopted social media marketing and why you should consider it, the above are your answer.