Snapchat for Business: Top 10 Tips For Success

As an entrepreneur in a digital era, how diverse is your social media presence? Beyond relying on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for your brand promotion, have you considered other viable options?

April 19, 2022 3:13 PM

Snapchat for Business: Top 10 Tips For Success

Perhaps it is time you do. One of the most popular social networks globally, Snapchat may just be your next big business decision thanks to the dedicated Snapchat for business segment. Boasting 319 million active users on a daily basis globally, Snapchat for business presents a potent advertisement vehicle. With a good grip of how to maneuver the social messaging app, you can count on it for resounding business success! Here are a few pro tips to get you started.

Optimize audience targeting

According to Snapchat, mobile marketing using Snapchat for business performs excellently well, especially when targeting millennials and Gen Z. Both these generations grew up alongside social media and frequent Snapchat a lot. Statistically, the photo-sharing app enjoys an audience of over 70% from millennials and Gen Z alone. Beyond having fun and connecting with friends, these generations also go on Snapchat looking for fresh inspiration and content. If well-optimized, your brand's content might just appeal to them and hopefully result in quality lead conversions.

Create interactive content

Through Snapchat Ads Manager, you can determine the rate of engagement with your ads or content right from the onset. While the primary goal of users is to reach out to friends via the "Chat" button, they can equally connect with different brands on the same screen. Users can easily link with a brand or content creator using the "Discover" icon on the opposite side of the home screen. This is where you want to make sure your content stands out from the rest.

Engage the right ad format

Snapchat is diverse and so should be your brand promotion if you must reach diverse prospects. The app offers several ad formats to choose from and align with your unique business needs. For example, to drive online sales, you can work with either Story Ads, Collection Ads, or Single Video/Image Ads. Further, if your aim is to encourage more app engagements and installations, you can adopt App Install attachments that create a guided route for Snapchatters to engage your app.

Become one with Snapchatters

Ensure your ads on Snapchat feel more natural and native to the app users. Snapchatters easily engage with content that relates to their habitual trends or patterns.For example, an ad that runs briefly say, 5 to 6 seconds has a higher chance of reaching your target audience because it easily fits into their conversations without feeling intrusive. You can even infuse your ad with user-generated content to cement authenticity.

Integrate relevant messaging

To capture the most attention within the shortest time, you can add relevance to your urgency. Simply ensure your ad immediately sets out with the relevant underlying message whether the goal is to drive sales, build brand awareness, or increase app installs. To be effective, leverage the first two seconds of the ad by incorporating an easy-to-understand message that's also tailored to your target audience.

Add sound to your ad

Audio-enabled ads are more likely to be viewed on Snapchat than those without. However, not just any audio. It should be goal-oriented and conversion-driven. One way to do that is to include a spoken customer testimonial of your brand in the ad. This gives Snapchatters a better angle to understand your message, relate with your brand, and perceive your brand's value.

Expand your targeting

After a few weeks of publishing your ads, you can start seeking more engagement by broadening your target audience. You don't have to run new ad sets or campaigns for this. Simply expand your targeting within what's existing based on gender, geography, language, and age range. This opens you up to more ad impressions and audience reach.

Know your audience reach

To learn the scope of your audience reach, you can consult the Audience Insights feature on Snapchat. This affords you a better understanding of your target audiences' behavior on the app to help you target them with more relevant content. It will also open you up to more segment possibilities to widen your reach by comparing similarities in user behavior.

Give back to your followers

One good turn deserves another, even on Snapchat. Since brand promotion is all about conversations, strike one with your followers. You have shouted your brand's name and they have heard you clearly. Now return the favor. Comment on their Snaps and let the friendly dialogue kick in. The more you contribute to the social movement, the more your brand awareness gains traction.

Stick with Snapchat!

Snapchat's influence over your brand doesn't manifest overnight. You have to stick around for the long haul. Become an active member of the social network for the sake of your brand. Make content publishing on the platform a regular affair, not occasional. In fact, have a strategy just like you would create a content marketing calendar with other advertising platforms.