The Importance of Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing is moving at an extremely fast speed, and with quick speed comes excellent opportunities.

January 13, 2021 9:07 PM

The Importance of Digital Marketing in 2020

An effective Digital Marketing plan can improve your small or local businesses online reputation and increase your brand awareness. At Vix Media Group we provide clients with result-oriented, innovative Digital Marketing solutions. We offer various services that will take your business to the next level. Listed below are the services we provide:

Search Engine Marketing

Our SEM service offers the entire range of online advertising campaigns. We have a team of experts to create a winning strategy specifically made to achieve your campaign goals. We offer many online advertising campaign styles, such as:

•    SEM Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

•    Targeted Display Advertising Campaigns

•    Remarketing / Retargeting Advertising Campaigns

•    Product Listing Advertisements

•    Small Business PPC

•    Mobile Advertising Campaigns

•    US Hispanic Marketing Campaigns

Social Media for SME’s

Social media is not only a form of entertainment, but it is also an essential part of marketing strategies in business. Social media is the new way to communicate and engage with your customers, shareholders and local communities. If you own a small or medium business and are looking to increase your sales and referrals, along with building up repeat customers, then social media marketing is for you! Social media will help you find new customers, and your satisfied customers can advertise for you. Interacting over social media works through consumer-based-word-of-mouth communication, which is often seen as the most reliable source of information. Allow us to help build your social media presence by determining a comprehensive strategy built around your goals, creating your social media program by managing it ourselves or giving you the tools to do so yourself, and improving your existing website for SEO. Our comprehensive services include:

•    Strategic planning and implementation

•    Measures of success ROI

•    Customer engagement

•    Brand Monitoring and reputation management

•    Competitor and employee monitoring

•    Build and maintain online communities

Social Media Strategy Consulting

Our social media strategy approach will work with your business to help  you gain more customers through a combination of organic and paid social. We guarantee to help your business reach their target audience with minimal costs. Our social media consultants address four key points to give your company social media exposure.

1.    Social Business Strategy Definition & Planning

2.    Governance and Internal Adoption

3.    Social Media Implementation & Consumer Engagement

4.    Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team of SEO experts uses a proven ethical and practical method to attain high rankings on search engines. Search engines are the number one source of traffic to your website. Studies have shown that search engine marketing leads to increasing revenue. On top of that, it’s ROI is unmatched by any other marketing strategy. We provide services for On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO. On-Page includes editing all the content and contextual elements on a website so that search engines can index the site correctly. Off-page uses constant tracking, analysis, and adjustments.


Branding is defined as the process of executing and managing the things that make people feel the way they do about your brand. We use a brand strategy to plan how to use your brand idea to deliver on your business strategy. A brand strategy determines what brand signals will best reinforce your brand idea.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is defined as “performance-based marketing.” The affiliate channel employs a cost-per-action or lead-based model. Affiliates get rewarded for customers referred to an advertiser’s website through the placement of banners, product feeds, digital rich media and contextual ads. This marketing is positioned to target an advertiser’s ideal demographic. Our affiliate marketing methods are proven to generate increased revenue for your business. Below are the affiliate marketing services we provide:

•    Affiliate Program Launch

•    Affiliate Program Review

•    Affiliate Recruiting

•    Affiliate Program Media

•    Affiliate Program Maintenance

•    Affiliate Program Monitoring

•    Affiliate Program Reporting

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on developing plans that are connected to business goals and objectives and are optimized for connecting with customers during the different phases of a customer lifecycle. Along with developing a content marketing strategy, we also offer other content marketing related services, such as:

•    Create and Manage Editorial Calendars

•    Content Development Optimization

•    Content Publication / Syndication

•    Full-Service Social Marketing

•    Analytics and Reporting


An infographic is when an information-rich subject is presented visually using graphics as well as words. Infographics are viral on the web. Let us do all the work for you. A team of professionals will conduct the research, design the infographic, and direct it in all the right places. Below is a list of things you will get with using an infographic.

•    A lasting impression on the infographics viewers.

•    A stronger brand identity due to the volume of new people viewing your content.

•    Increased referral site traffic from all those social media shares.

•    Higher site rankings from all those newly attracted links

If you are looking to take advantage of Vix Media Group we are here to help you! Digital Marketing is an excellent tool to take your business to the next level!