Types and Strategies of Business Marketing

Marketing is the process of persuading people to buy things they might not have needed otherwise. It involves advertising and market research and is one of the most important aspects of any company’s success. Due to its complexities, marketing is commonly split into separate areas and can be done in many ways.

October 19, 2022 10:21 PM

Types and Strategies of Business Marketing

This is when you are trying to sell a specific product or service and may range from advertising it on TV to handing out flyers in stores.

Personal Relationship Marketing

This is when you are trying to establish a great relationship with your clients. It involves getting to know as many aspects of your customers’ lifestyles as possible, then finding ways to offer them things they enjoy.

Promotion Marketing

It involves promoting your product through advertisement and the support of people in the public sphere.

Public Relations Marketing

This type of marketing is usually best when you have a good product or service, but it’s not being noticed enough by the public. It’s essentially getting the public to know you and your product or service so they can tell others about it. Public relations involve dealing with journalists, awards ceremonies, public events, or any other way of getting the public to know about your business.

Digital Marketing

This type of marketing is also known as online marketing. It includes email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, social media marketing, and other online marketing tactics.

Outbound marketing

This involves advertising to the public to persuade them to buy your product rather than waiting for them to seek you out. It includes cold calling or emailing, print advertisements, radio and TV commercials, direct mail, and internet ads.

Inbound Marketing

This involves getting your product or service in front of potential clients by having them find you first. Inbound marketing is done by making quality content that draws consumers to you rather than finding them yourself.

Strategies of Marketing in Business

As you pursue your marketing plan, you should emphasize the seven Ps. These are the most important aspects of business marketing.


If you have a low-quality product, people will not buy it, no matter how much you try to advertise it.


The people in your marketing department play a big role in your marketing plan. They must be able to understand your target audience. They also need to know how to get these people interested in your product or service.


The price of your product or service should be affordable for all potential customers. If it is too expensive, people will not buy it no matter how good the quality is. Also, if the price is too low, you may not make any profits.


It includes advertising and all other methods of getting the public to know about you, your business, and your product or service. It could also include free giveaways or coupons so potential buyers can try out your product.


Where you sell your product makes a big difference. If the product is sold online, it’s common sense to have a good website. If it is sold in a store, you should make sure that the store is clean and well-stocked.


The way the product is packaged is important for the customer. It must be made attractive and easy to use. The packaging also needs to include any directions needed for the use of the product.


This refers to how customers view your product or its position in their hearts and minds. Knowing this will help you tune your marketing plan appropriately.

Set Your Business Goals

Before you begin to create your marketing strategy, you need to know what it is that you want. Please remember that it is your goals that will drive your marketing activities and not the other way around. The goals represent the agreed-upon objectives and measures of success that you’ve defined for your business.

Identify and Research the Target Market

It’s important to have a clear understanding of your target market so that you can choose the right marketing strategy.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

This step is where you develop your plan to succeed. You’ll want to create a comprehensive marketing plan that includes all of the aspects you’ve identified in the previous steps. Ideally, your plan should include ideas and when and how they will be implemented.

Test Your Marketing Strategy

Like any other business plan, you’ll want to test your marketing strategy before implementing it. You can run an informal focus group or a formal one. You can also try an experiment that gets you close enough to the real thing but doesn’t cost too much money.

Implement Your Marketing Strategy

Once you’re confident that your plan is sound, it’s time to put it into action. Make sure you are realistic about the time frame for implementation but don’t wait too long, or you might miss out on crucial opportunities.

Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

Make sure to measure the progress of your marketing strategy and make adjustments when necessary. That way, you can quickly adapt to changes in your business environment and stay on course toward reaching your goals.