What Is Discord?

You may have heard about Discord before, but have you taken the time to learn about the ins and outs? Discord is a unique social media platform that was built with privacy principles in mind. It allows users to create and connect with friends or people interested in a similar community.

July 22, 2022 9:58 PM

What Is Discord?

Ever since the invention of social media, people have wanted a platform that makes them feel safe and that they belong. The need to have online communities where people could interact and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals brought about the creation of Discord.

What Is Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) platform that allows users to communicate with each other as part of a community popularly referred to as servers. Communication over this platform can be through media files, private chats, video calls, or text messages. Discord is accessible on multiple platforms and devices like android, windows, macOS, Linux, iPadOS, and any web browser.

What Are Discord Features?

Discord has features that enable its users to navigate the platform. These features include:

User Profiles

Every discord user must own an account with the platform to use it. To register as a user with Discord, you must have a valid email address and assign yourself a username. Sometimes usernames might be similar, so the app assigns them a four-digit number known as a discriminator to distinguish which account belongs to whom. The discriminators are prefixed with a # tag at the end. The platform allows you to edit your profile to your liking and also enables you to connect with other platforms.

Servers Or Communities

These servers are usually a group of people that have created a platform where they can communicate with each other. Communications in the server are usually visible to every member of the community. The maximum capacity of a server is approximately one million users. The platform also verifies servers; each verified server has an identification that shows its verified status.


Discord offers its users a channel feature that they can use for instant messaging, streaming, video chat, and file sharing. These channels are customizable so that the creator has control over who can have access to a given channel. The platform also offers channels that require tickets or invites so that a user can access the content; this feature is known as stage channels. Discord also offers temporary text channels that automatically disappear, known as threads.

Developer Tools

Discord offers its users' developer tools that they can use to integrate their games with the platform. This tool is known as rich presence, and users can use it to display their game progression on their profile. Discord also enables its users to create personalized bots, and it also gives the users the means to control the bots via a tool known as discord.js.

Direct Messages

Discord users can live stream their content, share files, send messages and call other discord users via the direct messages feature. This feature allows discord users to create message groups similar to the server text channels. A user can simultaneously start a call with all the message group participants using direct messages.

Discord Nitro

Discord offers a paid subscription feature, Discord Nitro, that allows users access to additional features like streaming in 4K via Go Live, using emotes from a different server in a different server, animated emotes, and the ability to boost servers. Through the boost, every user in the boosted server receives unlocked functionalities like quality audio calls, animated server icons, and many more.

How Does Discord Work?

The platform works through servers created with a particular goal in mind. These servers serve as online communities since they are created by an individual or a group who want to be able to communicate privately without the prying eyes of other parties.

To join these groups, one has to be invited or find a link that can allow you to join a particular server. The individual who sets up a server automatically obtains the rights to set rules and regulations that will govern the server or community, ensure that the participants' accounts are safe, and filter out any explicit or unwanted content. A discord user can also message another user without them being on the same server.

Here is a simple guide on how to enjoy Discord. How to:

Create a server

If you check the discord menu, there is a button that allows you to create a server. All you have to do is to follow the templets and set the rules and regulations to govern the server.

Use discord voice, video, or text chat

On the home screen, there is a direct message button, so you click it, then it will take you to your friend list, where you can choose how you want to communicate with the said person.

Stream in Discord

You can either use direct messages or public voice chat on the servers. Discord is a revolutionary platform that requires you to join to experience them.