What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Audio Events

LinkedIn Audio Events are meetups on the go, with a twist. Professionals come together to discuss and engage in topics that matter most to them. Before attending one, you must understand these events so you know what questions or topics you should be asking.

March 10, 2022 5:42 PM

What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Audio Events

If the information provided by an event organizer is not enough, there are many other resources to learn more. Attending one of these events will most likely meet attractive professionals and make valuable connections.

8 Key Things You Need To Know About LinkedIn Audio Events

These events usually focus on a specific category or topic.

Make sure to read the event’s Notes and Description sections to find out what they are all about. At that point, you may ask yourself, How will this benefit me? What can I learn from this event?” Maybe you will learn strategies to get more out of LinkedIn by utilizing different features. Maybe it will help you figure out how to transition your career into another industry. Whatever the case, always take advantage of these events. They are always informative and exciting. You never know when you will stumble upon a similar event again!

The event’s organizers will lead the discussion and facilitate it.

If it is a networking event, they will most likely start with introductions and talk about each other, or they might even have an icebreaker activity to help everyone warm up to each other quickly. If the event is not a networking one, the organizers will introduce, explain what the event is about, and then facilitate the discussion.

The event duration varies depending on the topic.

Usually, these events last for about an hour. If it is a networking one, it might last for two hours or a little more if there are many people in attendance and there are a lot of topics to explore! Most events are hour-long, but it depends on the topic.

The event location varies as well.

Network and educational events often occur at business locations, like hotels or privately-owned venues. Just pay close attention to the event description when you are looking for a location for an event you want to attend. The event descriptions will help you decipher the location. If it is not a networking or educational one and no particular location is mentioned, it might be at a coffee shop or library.

These events are free and open to everyone.

However, if you wish to gain more information about the event and its details, you can click on Register, a button provided in the event description. It will take you to another page where you can pay a small fee if it is required or register for the event. Most LinkedIn Audio Events are free and open to everyone. Trust your gut instinct if you are unsure about this, and go there! It will never hurt to attend. See how it goes from there.

LinkedIn Audio Events are a great way to network and meet new people.

Many professional professionals attend these events, so you may come in contact with new people who will help you expand your network and enhance your professional reputation. However, keep in mind that not all professionals attend as they will be more likely to be there as a representative of their company or organization. The event organizers will most likely make it clear in the description if this is the case.

The event organizers will clarify if there is any particular etiquette or dress code that you need to adhere to.

Some companies or organizations might thoroughly prepare for these events and make it clear in the event description how visitors should dress. For example, a particular industry organization might insist that visitors wear business attire only. If you are unsure about what to wear, research it online until you find something that suits your taste best.

You cannot decline an offer from the organizers to attend one of their events.

It might not be a good idea to burn any bridges. Sometimes, the organizers will send out invitations to visitors, and they might not have accepted you to join at that time. If this happens, you will likely receive another invitation if there is another event soon after the one you just declined.


When you attend one of these events, you must stay on top of the discussion. It is up to you to take notes as the discussions move along. Be sure to network with others and share your knowledge. The bleeding edge in media & communications media goes to LinkedIn. There are many significant LinkedIn Audio Events that you may want to join. Never miss out on an opportunity to meet new people, expand your network, and learn professional skills.