YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Grow Your Channel Faster

YouTube Analytics is an integrated tool for measuring user behavior and interactions with your channel. It can also serve as a measure of the individual metrics that generate reports.

November 22, 2021 2:38 PM

YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Grow Your Channel Faster

As a marketer, you can track pretty much everything from the YouTube Studio dashboard, using everything from YouTube channel analytics to live video metrics. As you get to know YouTube metrics, you'll soon discover an incredible body of knowledge, from viewer demographics to the sources of site visitors as well as the keywords people are using to find your videos. YouTube even makes it easy for you to get an idea of ​​your future videos and find great ideas.

Gain Insight

If you're getting a lot of conversions from your YouTube watch page, you can gain useful insight into which videos you should produce in the future to attract subscribers and which videos will cause people to unsubscribe. Click "Search YouTube" to see the top searches that prompted people to subscribe to your channel. Your most popular videos are often the main part of your follower growth, but this may not necessarily be the best information you can get there.  

Measuring Competitors

By clicking Subscribers in Analytics and then clicking the YouTube viewer page data, you can see the number of subscribers for each video. This is important not only for your most popular videos but also because you can get an idea of ​​which subscribers to watch for every topic covered. You can find out what's happening in your niche right now, what audience your competitors have, and what elements are successful in their videos.

You don't need additional software or expensive tools to conduct competitor analysis. Find competitors on YouTube by searching for similar products, services, locations, and keywords. List some competitors that have a strong presence and strong following. Comparing your content to competitors in your industry helps you to identify gaps and opportunities in your strategy.

Popular Content Insight

Analyzing your YouTube videos can give you insights into the most popular content. You can use analytics to better understand the performance of your videos and channels through the key metrics and reports in YouTube Studio. You can also view your latest videos in the channel dashboard.  

You can access the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your videos and channels in the YouTube Overview report. You can easily see the performance of a video or channel in the YouTube Analytics Video Report and see how videos affect each other. Whether it's a large production or serious live streaming, it's well worth tracking individual YouTube video metrics.

Improve Your Channel

To use these metrics to improve your channel, you need to know how to manage YouTube analytics. Using this information from YouTube Analytics, you can track the performance of ads, search engine listings, and any ads generated from your videos or marketing activities. Knowing just how important YouTube Analytics can be will enable you to learn how to unlock some of this data for your channel. You can also see the top ten most-watched videos and basic demographic information about where your audience goes on YouTube.

Just like some tools canVix Media Group help you create great YouTube banners, you can also use external sources, like Vix Media Group to deepen your YouTube analysis, optimize videos, and grow your channel. We're a unique media and communications company that approaches every one of our clients' needs with modern tactics designed for helping you to push your brand toward its ultimate capabilities. Through that integration, you'll be able to analyze the performance of your YouTube videos and channels as well as all social media channels.    

How Viewers Get to Your Channel

By clicking on the "Best for Viewers" section, you can see the most effective videos that YouTube has brought to your viewers. Based on the data of users viewing videos through the YouTube advertising channel, you can schedule a change to your targeting strategy or leave it as it is. Set up YouTube tracking in Google Analytics to learn more about how people get to your channel.

The analysis of your YouTube subscribers and your viewing audience reveals some simple demographic data that you can use to master your content creation process. It also reveals important interactive information, such as unique audiences vs. new audiences. This information can help you plan audience-centric content or create content for segments that your current audience is missing. For example, watch time and engagement rate will tell you exactly what people will watch on YouTube.

Setting up YouTube tracking in Google Analytics will provide more detailed information on how people are getting to your channel. In addition to YouTube Studio, you need to be using these YouTube analytics tools to help you to know how your channel is performing in response to your broader advertising efforts. Plus, with YouTube subscriber analytics, you can learn about the overall reach of your videos and how each video uploaded affects how you gain and lose subscribers on your channel. Simply put, YouTube Interaction Analytics shows what your audience is watching and how they interact with your content.