5 Instagram Ad Techniques That Convert

Instagram is proven to have over half a billion daily active users. This usage rate makes this platform and its ad framework an ideal consideration for many businesses looking to reach the relevant target audience.

January 27, 2022 9:53 AM

5 Instagram Ad Techniques That Convert

It would be commendable to have an elaborate strategy and relevant content when approaching this endeavor to ensure fruition. Entrepreneurs looking to utilize Instagram Ads should consider how their target audience interacts with this platform prior to making any strategic decisions. Instagram has a unique setup that may call for a specifically tailored approach. It would be best to ensure that your Ads are feasible and the content therein is viable for the platform and its audience. This article looks at techniques that will guarantee peak conversion rates when used with your Instagram Ads.

Instagram Stories Ads

Ad placement, even on Instagram, has a great bearing on CTR (click-through rates). Instagram will often carry out automatic Ad placements once entrepreneurs log in to the ad manager. These placements may, however, not reflect your business interests creating the need for specific ad placements. Proper ad placement mitigates costly ad spending by keeping the cost per click at an optimum.

Instagram users have been observed to quickly scroll past ads on their Instagram feeds. Users are more likely to consider ads they come across in Instagram Stories, as demonstrated by the number of clicks on these ads. Ads on stories and reels often adopt engaging and entertaining video formats, which comfortably fit into the platform and pique the audiences’ interests.

Stories Ads also allow businesses to create a correlation between the posted content and their products. The swipe-up option allows for quick conversions and lead generation, as users are able to quickly and directly interact with the businesses’ e-Commerce platform without switching apps.

Instagram Reels Ads

Instagram Reels is a new feature that many marketers are still cautious about. However, this side of Instagram has immense Ad potential as it is yet to be exploited by entrepreneurs. Users are less likely to come across ads while scrolling through their reels, unlike with Instagram Stories and feeds. Consequently, these users are more likely to interact with these ads when they come across them, positively impacting your conversion rates.

Instagram reels have the inherent ability to draw in brand new audiences by showcasing the creativity behind your brand. The scope of reel ads goes beyond the latest dances and music, which are the most popular options. Reels ads are complemented by a call to action, which greatly influences conversion. It would be commendable to keep these videos short, fun, and entertaining so that they do not seem out of place.

Organic content

Organic content can be a powerful tool for your Instagram ads when properly utilized. Organic content has a way of showing the target audience an in-depth picture of who you are and what you stand for. This is achieved by tailoring content based on the other areas of your social media landscape into relevant and engaging ads.

Organic content can be implemented as a multi-platform strategy to increase its viability. Users are likely to go across platforms in search of your brand to better understand what it's all about. This content may portray your humanity and vulnerabilities to help you stay relevant in front of your audience. Humanizing your business makes your business a top consideration and quickly boosts conversion rates and sales.

It would be commendable to ensure that you use the best-performing content from your portfolio while creating these ads. Such content already has a proven track record in engaging the audience and is more likely to deliver click-through.

GIFs, Audio and Captioning

Instagram is a content-based platform hence the need to tailor engaging content. Ads with GIFs and music content are proven to have more views and click-through. Voiceovers and sound effects can help convey the content in a more entertaining and engaging way. Keeping the content relevant to the ads also keeps the audience hooked.

The captions on your ad should be relevant and concise. Hashtags and emojis portray the humanity of your brand and make it more relatable. It would be good to remember that Instagram content is heavily image and video-based as you try to add engaging content.

Ad messaging

Ad messaging is viable to curve a niche for your content on Instagram. Your messaging should reflect your brand and deliver relevant and relatable content. It should also portray what makes you different from other similar businesses. Ad messaging builds a rapport between you and the target audience, which can be quite beneficial in the long run.

Instagram Ads, if well implemented, will grow your conversion rates and, in the long run, help you realize sales. The above-mentioned techniques are able to cement your Instagram Ad efforts if well executed.