What Are the Top 5 Graphic Design Software?

Having the perfect graphic design software to meet your needs is essential whether you're running a business or just looking to create a few art pieces on the side. Come take a look at the best the industry has to offer.

February 25, 2022 4:59 PM

What Are the Top 5 Graphic Design Software?

You need to use the right graphic design software to create high-quality images. The graphic design software is normally used to create logos, edit photos, among other things. We'll now list five of the best graphic design software, and they include:

Adobe Photoshop

This is software well-known for photo editing. This software is also used to edit 2-D graphics and make 3-D graphics. You can also use this type of software to create various images. It's mostly used by professionals, as it has a high price tag. The key features of this software include: Design tools- Adobe Photoshop offers a wide range of design tools and filters to create beautiful images. Photo editing- This type of software is also used for photo editing; it has tools that are made for professional retouching and editing photos. You can also create your own digital art. 3D interface- Adobe Photoshop has a 3D interface that makes image creation easier and faster for the user. It's equipped with new tools that make image design fun to do. Open-Source GIMP Software- This software is also used for editing photos and creating graphics. It has a free and user-friendly interface; you can also make complex designs.

Adobe Illustrator

This vector graphics design software allows you to create drawings and edit them easily. It's mostly used by professionals and is mostly used to create logos and symbols. It also has a high price tag. The key features of this software include: Vector-based graphics- Adobe Illustrator provides users with vector-based graphics, which means you can shrink or expand the image without decreasing its quality. New features- Adobe Illustrator is continually updated; whenever a new software version is released, you can be sure that it will have new features. No creativity barrier- This type of software allows for multiple ways to create unique designs; different styles and designs can be created in an unlimited manner.


This open-source vector graphics software is used for photo editing and digital art. It also has a lower price tag than the first two on our list. It is also similar to Adobe Illustrator. The key features of this software include: Content allows the user to save an image without losing the quality and have images saved in a different format; this type of software can be used both for photo editing and digital art. Trace design- Inkscape has a tool called the trace, which is similar to the move tool of Adobe Illustrator. This tool allows you to trace an image and save it in another format.


This is software used by businesses, artists, and professionals as it has a low price tag and gives you all the features you need with just one software. It also has many features that are unique to this type of software. The key features of this software include: Multiple interfaces- CorelDraw has multiple interfaces like Adobe Illustrator, creating multiple layouts and drawing styles. You can create different images in different formats. Vector graphics- This software allows the user to modify vector graphics and edit them easily. Digital painting- This type of software can edit digital art and combine different objects together. It also allows the user to use color effects that cannot be done on other software.

Affinity Designer

This is software for designers who want to create vector content and have a high price tag. It is good for image editing as well as graphic design. The key features of this software include: Watercolor filter- In Affinity Designer, there's a watercolor filter, which allows the user to get some cool-looking effects in their images. Light Source- The light is perfect for creating 3-D images in Affinity Designer. Text tool- Affinity Designer has the best text tool available. It allows you to edit, mark up, and add text easily.


While there are many types of graphic design software, the five mentioned above are considered among the top few types of software used by graphic designers today. These are also considered among the best graphic design software with good features and low price tags. With this design software, you're guaranteed to get value for your money. Also, you'll manage to come up with high-quality images during each design phase.