Does A Podcast Help To Expose A Brand?

Podcasting your business, products, and services is the latest trend in the world of marketing since it was originally used in 2004. What once was a hobby to millions of amateurs is now used by professionals, small businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs.

October 27, 2021 9:13 AM

Does A Podcast Help To Expose A Brand?

A podcast helps businesses create new and existing brand exposure national and international. They can use podcasts in various ways to advertise, generate revenue, and build lasting business relationships with customers and targeted audiences.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply a digital audio file that allows you to start podcasting your video content to reach a targeted audience. Pew Research defines podcasting as the distribution and programming of audio and video over the internet. It is an effective way to engage customers, prospects, and business owners to build relationships and set your brand apart. Podcasting is different from earlier publishing of online content. Your audience can download the file to websites, digital phones, tablets, and personal computers. They can play the audio or video at their earliest convenience.

History of Podcasting

The term podcast originated in 2004 first and gained a small audience by the middle of 2006. However, over the years podcasting has grown reaching a broader audience with diverse content besides publishing of just news reports. Today, businesses and entrepreneurs are using podcasts to launch new products and services and connect with to audiences. A Nielson Research survey estimated that approximately nine million adults downloaded audio podcasts and 5.6 million downloaded video podcasts. Most podcasters were amateurs with no plans for making a profit on content contributions. Businessowners are now using podcasts as innovative marketing tools in most sectors of the business industry for brand exposure. It is attracting startup companies, small businesses, and leaders.

Three Ways Podcasting Can Create Further Exposure of Your Brand

1. Creates Episodic Content to Bring Continuous Awareness of Brands

This strategic marketing strategy will keep your audience engaged and interested in your podcast. It allows an audience to receive constant exposure of your brand. Creative podcasting will develop awareness by building trust between you, your team, customers, and prospects.(2) Consumers interested in your products will have more insight on what you’re offering to the public.

2. Build New and Lasting Relationships

Businesses don’t have much success if there is no engagement with existing customers and no marketing strategy to gain new ones. Podcast can help you accomplish marketing goals and expand your customer base. Podcasts help audiences feel comfortable about a particular service or product before purchases.

3. Reveal Your Reputation

Most existing and business-to-business (B2B) customers want to learn about the reputation of businesses, including owners, management, and leaders. Podcasting is an excellent way to demonstrate expertise of managing teams and entrepreneurs. It creates a forum not only to promote products, but to display the overall value of your company.

Benefits of Podcasting

  • Allows you to create quality video content on a variety of informative topics.(3)

  • Market your brand to customers and prospects by including links to easily download your podcast. Your professional email, social media, and marketing emails are great places to include your podcast link.

  • Turn your audience into subscribers who will leave reviews about your podcast.

  • Advertise and promote your podcast on other related podcasts in your business niche. It is an alternative if you decide a podcast is not beneficial to your company for marketing.

Business podcast has the potential of becoming a strong marketing tool to your marketing strategy. You can strengthen your marketing effects using podcasting along with online advertisements, email marketing, and TV commercials. Engage your customers and prospective clients interested in your company, products, and services with new content on a regular basis.

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